May 2018

Students win big for taking part in national survey

Read time: approx 1 mins

Fifteen lucky students won big for taking part in the 2018 National Student Survey (NSS).

After 71% of UCB students completed the survey, submitting their views and opinions of UCB, the winners’ names were drawn at random and awarded prizes of £500 and £250.

Over 850 UCB students filled in the survey this year and the winners were surprised and excited when they heard the great news.

£500 winners

  • David Akinleye
  • Nkemdilim Odogwu
  • Shazeea Mahmood
  • Leanne Wallace
  • Ana Margarida

£250 winners

  • Vivek Mohana Kumar
  • Annie Summerfield
  • Helena Levak
  • Sarah Jane Hickenbottom
  • Phoebe Gleed
  • Marika Rucinska
  • Brano Jovic
  • Keenan Grant-Bell
  • Theresa Ann Jones
  • Tsz Ying Yim  
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