December 2015

Students serve up the world on a plate

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Culinary arts students served up a slice of their culture at the launch of a world food book in Birmingham. 

The undergraduate and postgraduate chefs impressed visitors with a dazzling array of authentic ethnic dishes, from yentil dhal to yam cupcakes, at the special event at Phoenix Hall in Bordesley Village. 

They demonstrated their skills at the launch of a community cook book featuring 18 delicious recipes of Afro-Caribbean, Algerian, Afghani, Chinese, English, Gambian, Indian, Irish and Pakistani origin. 

"Active learning about the relationship between food and culture is a fundamental element of our Culinary Arts Management programme and reflects the diverse nature of our gastronomic landscape."

UCB chef lecturer Bernard Schumacher

"It was a fun event full of different cultures and food. I really enjoyed cooking in front of people. Everyone really enjoyed the food and the feedback was great."

Fourth-year student Sumaiyah Patel, who is British of Indian heritage

The other students taking part were: Rachel Okhifo (from Nigeria), who cooked bean pudding/plantain and yam mash; Nicole Muchene (Kenya) – yam cupcake; Ricai Walker-Williams (Bermuda) – banana cakes; and Lorenzo Galeotti – saffron risotto. 

"Its been a pleasure working with Bernard and the students from UCB. Their professionalism and working in the community to showcase international cuisine gave people the opportunity to experience food from Italy to India. We hope to build upon this relationship in the future and work in collaboration with UCB again. It's a great establishment with teachers who help their students to excel, and give them a chance to build on their portfolio and CVs by working with other organisations."

Shabnam Mughal, community development officer and centre manager at Bournville Village Trusts Phoenix Hall

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