April 2015

Students give first-aid challenge a realistic edge

Read time: approx 1 mins

Specialist Hair and Media Make-up students gave a splash of grisly reality to an exercise in delivering emergency first-aid.

Four students helped to prepare mock-casualties for a Trauma Management Challenge staged by West Midlands Fire Service.

Firefighters, staff and cadets took part in scenarios including car smashes and train accidents to test their ability to carry out life-saving assistance. The UCB students were on hand to recreate a range of serious injuries and wounds including amputations and deep cuts.

The team of first-year students comprised Kris Delaney, Sarah Hardy, Naomi Noda and Poppy Anderson.

The challenge was held at Safeside at Eastside, an experiential learning centre that provides interactive learning environments to inspire visitors to think and act safely in Birmingham.

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