December 2014

Students become golf venue consultants for showcase

Read time: approx 2 mins

Events Management students took on the role of consultants and held an exhibition highlighting ways to boost customers and income at a Birmingham golf club. 

Teams were asked to launch a project to support the financial future of Hollywood Golf Club. They conducted extensive research to identify critical success factors and evaluate the resource requirements associated with their event ideas. They also had to collect financial data in order to assess the yield benefit of their event and be able to support their overall idea. 

The exhibition was a practical examination for part of the Project Management for Events module, and lecturers were looking for professionalism, confidence, discussion points, supporting references and strong evidence of independent research. 

Students were graded on the following criteria:

  • Structure and clarity;
  • Performance, operational management and decision-making;
  • Technical application to industry;
  • Operational responsiveness to the business environment;
  • Justification of ideas. 

The proposed events included wedding showcases, corporate events, family fun days and theme nights. One team adopted an American premise called “Shot in the Dark,” where golfers can play a few holes in the evening with glow-in-the-dark golf balls. 

Rob Swinnock, assistant dean of the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management, said: “Live scenario assessment activities like this help students to contextualise theoretical concepts. It also develops their confidence to express judgments and creative solutions to problems based on reasoned argument and research.” 

Prof Ray Linforth, Vice Chancellor and Principal of UCB, spoke to the teams about the execution and feasibility of their events. He said: “The range of ideas the students came up with was quite mind-boggling. They ranged from afternoon teas and themed dining experiences to introduction golf days and even the creation of a spa. 

“Some of the ideas needed a bit more work, but it was clear that they had put a great deal of time and effort into this project. I’m sure Hollywood Golf Club could take many of these ideas and turn them into events that will help to generate new income streams and promote the club and its facilities to the community.”

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