August 2022

Blog | What to pack when moving into uni halls

By Amber Soames

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It’s that time of year when uni students are getting ready and packing to move into halls.

I’ve made a list of some things I bought that I definitely couldn’t have lived without, but I’ve also made a list of stuff that I bought but didn’t even use!


  • A laundry bag – most halls have some kind of laundry room (University College Birmingham uses circuit laundry) and trust me, doing your washing without a big bag is impossible.
  • Batteries – something most people don’t think of, including myself. But I needed them two weeks into uni!
  • A bedside table – most halls don’t provide a bedside table and if you’re like me, you’ll want a place to put a lamp, your phone and a drink! I just went to Homebase and picked up a small one for £20.
  • Antibacterial wipes – Wilko sell really cheap antibac wipes which are perfect for cleaning surfaces and even your toilet! They make cleaning so much quicker and easier.
  • Coat hangers – may seem obvious but forgotten by many!
  • Decor – photographs, fairy lights or a cool lamp. Uni will feel much more homely if you decorate your room a little. 
  • 16-25 Railcard – if you’re going to be travelling on the train a lot, a railcard is great. 30% off all train journeys!
  • Full length mirror – this one may seem a bit extra but if you’re like me and like a full length mirror then bring one because most uni rooms don’t have one.
  • A year planner – I bought one for the wall and stuck it to my pin board. It was about £5 off Amazon. You’re suddenly going to have a lot of plans and a lot of deadlines, so I really recommend this.
  • Extension leads – buy like four because there are never enough plug sockets!
  • Clothes horse – don’t bother with tumble dryers because they are expensive and rubbish!
  • Microwavable bowls – the microwave will be your new best friend.

Of course there are way more things you need, but this is some stuff I forgot and had to buy after I had moved in. 

Don’t bother buying:

  • Expensive kitchenware – your flatmates are going to use your stuff, things are going to get broken and things are going to go missing. Save yourself the money and buy cheap!
  • Mini fridge – I always see these on uni checklists but don’t bother because most halls don’t allow them.
  • Toilet brush – the uni will provide a brand new one.
  • Torch – for some reason I brought a torch? Haven’t used it.
  • Candles – will get confiscated.
  • Four of everything – just take one bowl, plate etc., two at most if you have a guest. You won’t get much kitchen space and it’ll just mean you’ll leave everything dirty until you have nothing left!

Hope this helps!

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