June 2014

Sports Therapy research viva

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Sports Therapy students are presenting their vivas to lecturers as part of their final year Research Project. 

A viva, short for viva voce, means students talk to examiners and lecturers about their chosen research project and explain and justify the reasons behind their structuring, research strategy, and practical investigations. Student focuses took the form of case studies, primary research or secondary research. 

Sports Therapy students were given the option of either submitting a 10,000 word dissertation or a 6,000 word project alongside a viva presentation a few weeks later. Out of just over 100 students on the course, 58 students elected to go down the viva route.  

Examples of dissertation subjects were as follows:

  • Analysis of common injuries in judo players
  • The effects of Kinesio taping on active lumbar range of motion
  • The effectiveness of pilates on chronic lower back pain.   

This is the first year that we have given students the option of doing a viva voce rather than a full dissertation. Over half the number of students on the course chose this approach. Lecturers grade the vivas on a variety of criteria: layout and design; technical competency; content accuracy; poster mechanics and application to industry. This last aspect is very important as it will help to enhance a students’ employability in their area of interest.

Mark Godwin Senior lecturer in Sports Therapy

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