December 2014

Sandra perfects 'The Art of Pastry'

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BSc Food and Consumer Management student Sandra Sentjurin, from Estonia, has published her new cookbook ‘Magusakunst’ (translated as ‘The Art of Pastry). 

Sandra is a passionate young pastry chef who has taken the culinary industry by storm. Alongside publishing her cookbook, she also operates her own company, Sentjurin Food Production. The company offers catering services and takes orders for handmade chocolates, desserts, and cakes. She keeps her fans updated with various delightful recipes by writing a food blog as well as posting pictures on her Instagram profile

‘Magusakunst’ contains a selection of recipes to suit all tastes – from classic desserts and traditional favourites to modern and experimental dishes for those that are looking for a different approach. The book showcases Sandra’s versatility as a chef as she combines a range of exotic ingredients to make fantastic dishes. 

“In the interest of development, I need to step out of my comfort zone to discover, learn, and gain experience,” said Sandra, reflecting on her culinary success. 

“My commitment to pastry is tenacious. I look for advanced techniques, exceptional flavour combinations and unique taste experiences. Thus, I have found myself in Paris, learning to bake exclusive pastries to achieve premium standards. Moreover, my studies at UCB have been essential in my professional growth and skill development. 

'Magusakunst’ demonstrates my involvement with and affection for culinary arts and its peculiar essence to me.” 

Lewis Walker, Culinary Arts chef lecturer at UCB, said: “Sandra’s creativity, passion and professionalism are evident throughout both her studies and the work she creates. The flavours she achieves in her sweets are outstanding, and visually her dishes are stunning. 

'Magusakunst’ is a testament to Sandra’s drive and determination. Bon appétit!”

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