October 2018

Rhian's research work opens door to a master's degree

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A research scholarship with a top London institution has led to a former UCB student starting a master’s programme. 

And Rhian Milton-Cole can also look forward to seeing a number of research papers published – items she worked on during her scholarship at Kings College London. 

Rhian had hoped to secure a Welcome scholarship at the end of her second year studying on the BSc(Hons) Sports Therapy course at UCB but instead managed to secure support from Kings, where her attitude and professionalism led to a number of exceptional opportunities and she was subsequently offered a sought after research assistant’s role. 

She was able to balance her third year of study in Birmingham with her research role where she has been involved in research work on five different papers including one that reviewed the complications following a fractured hip and another that reviewed social isolation in the elderly. 

Ed Stanhope, sports therapy sport fitness lecturer at UCB, said: “This has been an achievement in itself but Rhian also submitted an exceptional systematic review for her UCB final year research project, which achieved an exceptional grade and was awarded undergraduate research project of the year at our graduation ceremony.” 

Rhian is now studying for an MSc in Physiotherapy at Kings College London and continues to work with the research staff at the institution. 

Ed added: “Rhian’s story demonstrates that a proactive approach and hard work often leads to exceptional results and opportunities. We wish her the best on her master’s programme and with the publication of the papers she has worked towards this year.” 

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