June 2017

Ooh la la! Parisian chef gives masterclass in French cooking to UCB Professional Cookery apprentices and Chef Lecturers

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Chef lecturers and apprentices at UCB were taught the crème de la crème of sophisticated French cuisine last week in a masterclass delivered by Phillippe Baillergeant, esteemed chef at the Jean-Drouant Hotel School of Paris.

The workshop is just one example of UCB’s working partnership with Jean Drouant, which has been ongoing for the past couple of years and which both institutions are eager to expand. At the moment, the transfer of skills and knowledge is mainly focused on staff at the institution – but opportunities for students are on the rise. Michel Hartbrot, project manager for the Hotel and Tourism Schools at Jean Drouant, noted how impressed he was with UCB and has signalled his desire to increase student exchange between the two schools, saying: “We’d love as many of our students as possible to experience UCB because the teaching and facilities are brilliant here. Working with students and chef lecturers in masterclasses like this makes us excited for the future.” 

Professional Cookery apprentices Georgia Jones and William George had their work cut out with a series of courses that could challenge even the most experienced of chef lecturers, including a refined seafood quiche, a chicken fricassee with spring vegetables, and a decadent white chocolate, lime and basil mousse with a sharp raspberry coulis and buttery shortbread. But, true to their professional training, they worked flat out all day and produced some amazing results.

“I struggled to begin with, especially with some of the French terminology, but I really feel as though I have learned a lot”, said Georgia, who like fellow apprentice William plans to travel across America to gain more culinary experience next year. “I love looking in-depth at different cuisines and you can’t get more influential than classic French cooking, so today has been a great opportunity”

After the workshop, the apprentices caught up with Phillippe and were given plenty of tips about how to make the most of their qualifications after they graduate.

“You are lucky to have entered a career which can take you all over the world. Go everywhere, and do not worry if it’s not what you expected,” he said, “because whatever opportunity you take as a chef, and regardless of whether it is a positive or negative experience, you will find yourself inspired.”

UCB Chef Lecturer Bernhard Schumacher summarised:

“Today was a great opportunity for students and lecturers to come together to learn more about authentic French cuisine, its cultural influences and specific techniques.  A creative combination of gastronomic intelligence, professional experience and a passion for food provides the fundamental focus to our culinary courses at UCB.”

To find out more about the qualifications offered by UCB’s College of Food click here.

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