August 2013

New Year New President

Read time: approx 1 mins

The start of the 2013 academic year also sees the start of new UCB Guild president’s term in office.

Caroline Lane, voted in as President by fellow students at the end of last year, will graduate from her degree in Culinary Arts Management and take on the job of leading the Guild in its goal to deliver the best University experience possible for each student at UCB.

Caroline takes over from Jason Haines, who was President for 2 years, we caught up with Jason before he left and he told us that he was ready to move on, having achieved everything that he set out to achieve in his manifesto and more.

Caroline, who is only the 2nd female President in UCB’s history, is looking forward to the start of the academic year and is confident that her new executive team can do a good job in the12 months ahead.

We wish Jason all the best in his new pursuits and Caroline in her year as Guild President.

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