October 2017

National junior culinary team begins training for Culinary World Cup

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With more than half the team made up of UCB students and alumni, this year’s National English Junior Team of brilliant young chefs has begun training for the world’s top competition. 

The nine-strong team has 14 months to prepare to represent England at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg, their sights firmly set on winning a coveted gold medal. 

The last time the National English Junior Team were at the Culinary World Cup in 2014, they picked up a haul of five silver medals and five bronze medals. 

With support from multi-award winning chefs Mark Hill from the House of Commons and Andreas Antona from Michelin-starred Simpsons Restaurant in Birmingham, hopes are high for this year’s young, but talented, team. 

Proudly for UCB, the line-up not only includes current Culinary Arts Management (CAM) students Jack Gameson, team vice-captain and pastry chef at Warwick Castle, Elliot Lawn and Millie Tibbins, but alumni who have gone on to Michelin-starred restaurants. 

Team captain Edward Marsh from The Manor, Wiltshire, Nathan Lane from The Ritz, London, and Gregory Evans, chef at The Westbury, London, all trained for VRQs or NVQs at UCB. 

Having led the National English Junior Team for five years, team manager and UCB College of Food lecturer Mathew Shropshall said: “It’s been an honour to manage, mentor and support England’s best young chefs through international competitions, and with the valued support of sponsors and industry, the team continues to strive for its first gold medal at the Culinary World Cup in the country’s history. 

“Following selection for the team in July, we now have a structured plan of training over the next 14 months leading up to the final in Luxembourg in November 2018. 

“Guided by experts in modern styles of international cuisine, the hard work is just beginning.” 

Sponsored by Electrolux Professional, Steelite International, Major International and Continental Chefs Supplies, the team’s main supporter is the British Culinary Federation (BCF). 

National English Junior Team 2017/18

Mathew Shropshall – National English Junior Team manager

Richard Taylor – pastry team manager

Edward Marsh – captain – former UCB student and chef at The Manor, Wiltshire

Jack Gameson – vice-captain – UCB CAM student and Warwick Castle pastry chef

Nathan Lane – former UCB student and chef at The Ritz, London 

Elliot Lawn - UCB CAM student

Angelina Adamo – chef at Park Restaurant, Yorkshire (3 Rosette)

Gregory Evans – former UCB student and chef at The Westbury, London

Millie Tibbins - UCB CAM student 

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