May 2015

Myth and magic created by Media Make-up

Read time: approx 1 mins

Mythical beasts and creatures of culture came to UCB as Specialist Hair and Media Make-up staged showcases to demonstrate their skills with prosthetics. 

The second-year students set the scene to celebrate the end of their Advanced Prosthetics and Casting module, showing off their final pieces on their personal models. 

“My group decided to focus on enchanted creatures for our theme,” said student Katie Davies. “We took inspiration from Pan’s Labyrinth and developed our ideas from the concept of an enchanted forest with mythical beats and tree spirits.” 

The students were given 12 weeks to design, sculpt, mould and cast their prosthetics as well as perfect the make-up, hair and costumes for their modules. They also could design their own scenery to help enhance their theme. 

Each model was required to wear at least one fully-prepared silicone prosthetic piece, with the potential to include two other prosthetics, such as bald caps and ears. 

Marks were also awarded on how well the students’ models could showcase the prosthetics, so poses and stances were rehearsed before the photo shoot to allow to the models to get into character.  

I am very impressed by the students’ dedication to this project. They put in a lot of creativity and effort and they should be very pleased with what they have achieved.

Tsai Lovett, Hair and Media Make-up

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