May 2015

MA Tourism students are pop-up business entrepreneurs

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MA Tourism Destination Management and MA International Tourism Business Administration held an exhibition where they presented their pop-up tourism concepts for the island of Lanzarote as part of a live project.

Attended by industry professionals, students, lecturers and representatives from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the event gave students the opportunity to showcase the depth and feasibility of their ideas as ways to boost the tourism economy of Lanzarote, Spain.

As well as promoting the image of the island and contributing to local economies, their concepts had to be sustainable, profitable and transferable to other similar destinations.

Each group provided detailed infographics depicting their in-depth research into location, marketing analysis, finance, sustainability and unique selling points of their ideas and spoke to guests about developing their concepts with the Lanzarote Tourist Board and how they would execute them.

The exhibition served as a perfect opportunity for the students to present their project management techniques.

The exhibition last week was great, a very clever way of presenting pop-up project ideas to tourism professionals. Our group received great feedback from the delegates attending the exhibition and we developed our professional presentation skills. All of us gained useful skills and techniques which we can use within the tourism and travel industry.

Louise Southall, MA International Tourism Business Administration student

Pop-ups are a structure or environment that emerges quickly, designed to use a space temporarily. They are designed and constructed to adapt to spaces and fulfil the functional and aesthetic requirements.

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