July 2015

Gemma is Make-Up Artist of the Year

Read time: approx 1 mins

UCB lecturer Gemma Richmond has been named Make-Up Artist of the Year by the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC). 

Gemma had to complete two separate challenges to scoop the title. Firstly, she had to submit her CV and qualifications alongside a write-up of her client care and communication, industry experience and her commitment to honing her skills to ensure the success of her business. 

She then attended a trade test in Gloucester, where she was given 90 minutes to produce a full face of make-up in relation to the theme of “Fire and Ice.” She also had to develop professional design plans and mood boards to support her ideas.

The judges were looking for a person who excelled in all areas of preparation, professionalism, hygiene, customer service and creative style. They agreed that Gemma had created something original using a variety of make-up techniques and hailed her overall look as “stunning.” 

“I am absolutely ecstatic – so proud and happy,” said Gemma, who is a full-time HE lecturer at UCB. “I love being creative and challenging myself. These awards were the perfect arena in which to do that. 

“I like to encourage my students to enter competitions and I feel through my own competition experience I am able to successfully guide them through the process, giving them an insight into the pressures and time management involved, which will hopefully help prepare them for future success within the makeup industry.”

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