May 2017

From Field to Fork – UCB's Visit to Daylesford Organic Farm

Read time: approx 1 mins

On Wednesday 5 May Students from a Level 5 Gastronomy option group, including those from Culinary Arts Management and Tourism Management courses, attended a Market Garden Tour at Daylesford Organic Farm near Evesham.  

While the day might have been littered with opportunities to sample the farm’s produce, Management lecturer Ros McAteer explained that the purpose of the visit was about much more than just food –

“As consumers become more and more interested in where their food comes from, we wanted students to look at somewhere like Daylesford as a tourist destination as well as a working farm. The success of the farm’s restaurants and chain of shops in London is testament to the popularity of the ‘farm to fork idea’ at the moment, and the success that can be had if those ideas are done well. We always try and show students the latest consumer trends to keep them thinking ahead”  

Students spent the day making their way around some of the most cutting-edge features of the farm, from their microherbs to living salads, which are produced in their own biodegradable pots so customers could plant them again once they had got them home, or even use them as a table feature!

“I think the most important thing students took away from the trip is how creative you can be in the food manufacturing and hospitality industries and how far a passion for your produce can take you”, Ros said. Their tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable, informing students about everything from edible leaves on vegetables to the changes in produce according to the seasons – and why his current job is the best he has ever had. 

Lecturers are planning another trip to the farm next year and, in the meantime, are also looking into how to help students with potential applications to a year-long ‘Future Foodies’ internship Daylesford offers. Either way, watch this space – ‘Farm to Fork’ is the way to go! 

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