November 2021

Find Your People events programme helps student community bounce back from Covid

By Darren Campbell

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Campus life is buzzing again at University College Birmingham thanks to a major programme of events designed to bring students back together following the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Guild of Students at University College Birmingham has been encouraging students from across the University to make new friends and explore new hobbies as part of its Find Your People programme, offering 100 events over the course of one month. 

The programme, which began in October and runs until 18 November, features a wealth of activities and sessions covering everything from yoga, quizzes and movies to board games, books and bingo.

"One of our key priorities is around building student community and welcoming students"

Cassie O'Boyle Membership Services Manager, Guild of Students

There is also a range of sessions offering students the chance to learn new skills including sign language, arts and crafts or mindfulness, as well as a variety of meet-up events for faith groups, student parents, the LGBTQ+ community and more. 

It is the first time the Guild has been able to launch such a major programme of events since the start of the Covid pandemic, thereby helping to bring the student community back together for the new academic year. 

Activities are taking place both on campus and online, with many being held within the brand new student lounge on the third floor of Summer Row.  

The lounge, which is open from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday, opened its doors to further and higher education students for the first time last month. 

In pictures: New student lounge spaces at Summer Row

Cassie O'Boyle, Membership Services Manager for the Guild of Students, said: "This programme is inspired by our brand new student spaces which we want to become a home for student life. 

"One of our key priorities for the year is also around building student community and welcoming students, so this programme aligns with both of these things." 

A full listing of the events being held as part of the programme can be found on the Find Your People page of the Guild of Students website. 

Run by students and for students, the Guild is the home of student life at University College Birmingham, offering a wide range of events, clubs and societies, as well as representing students' academic interests. All students automatically become members of the Guild upon enrolment at the University. 

Find out more about the Guild of Students here.

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