May 2013

FCM Students Love Food Hate Waste

Read time: approx 1 mins

First Year Food and Consumer Management students have joined forces with WRAP and their Love Food Hate Waste campaign to produce quick, easy recipes which use the food leftovers which are so often thrown away.

Students were set the challenge by WRAP back in February and have now presented their culinary delights for possible inclusion on the Love Food Hate Waste website.

Each student was given a different age group to design a recipe for; using research from WRAP they knew the common leftovers that their group were likely to have and using that and other demographic information worked on a recipe for presentation to Marlene and Sallie from WRAP.

Recipes included a modern, healthy take on the traditional scotch egg, a pea and chicken risotto, a stuffed pepper and a sweet muffin.

It was a difficult project at first as each dish had to contain leftover bakery, protein and fruit and veg and suit the age group we had been given. I really enjoyed it though and it was a real challenge.

Student Jess Higgins

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