November 2023

Exciting new international partnership will see enriched opportunities for staff and students

By Carrie Mok

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An exciting new collaboration between University College Birmingham and Changsha Commerce and Tourism College could see opportunities to broaden horizons for both students and staff at both institutions.

Professor Michael Harkin, Vice-Chancellor and Principal at University College Birmingham and Cui Deming, President of Changsha Commerce and Tourism College signed a Memorandum of Understanding at University College Birmingham’s city centre campus on 26th October 2023

The Memorandum of Understanding aims to explore potential progression opportunities for courses delivered at both universities. Students will be recruited by Changsha Commerce & Tourism College and spend time in both Birmingham and Changsha, benefiting from the expertise, facilities and infrastructure of two renowned institutions. President Cui Deming stated, “University College Birmingham, especially the Culinary Art Management programme has the expertise, professional kitchen facilities and the track record in the food industry, and training to be the ideal partner for Changsha Commerce & Tourism College.”

At the end of the meeting, President Cui Deming presented Professor Michael Harkin a hand-embroidered nine-fish wall painting, which in Chinese culture is a symbol of best wishes for longevity, good prosperity and a prosperous, joyful existence.

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