December 2015

Events Management students "go interactive" with Cvent

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Events management students will be able to take advantage of leading industry software thanks to a tie-up with global technology specialist Cvent.

UCB’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management has secured an exciting new partnership with the cloud-based enterprise event management platform.

Reggie Aggarwal, chief executive of Cvent, recently told BBC News Online how technology is “transforming the meetings and events space.” Now students will be able to hone their workplace skills using Cvent’s latest cutting-edge software.

Undergraduate and postgraduate events management students will have access to the US company’s online meetings management technology as part of their programmes.

Students will be able to “go interactive” with clients, guests and suppliers to electronically plan their “live” events. The software platform offers strategic meetings management and incorporates all aspects of events management including guest registration, website creation and social walls, the production of tickets, programme schedules and client relationship, all at the touch of a button.

Cvent also provides support to students with industry relevant reports, educational webinars and online training videos.

Catherine Parker, UCB Senior Curriculum Leader for Events Management, has worked with Cvent to set up the partnership, which represents an “exceptional” opportunity for students to develop their skills.

"Working with Cvent gives UCB events management students the opportunity to develop vital technological skills which are crucial for the world of work. These advanced skills are key for future employability within the events industry and will give our students a competitive advantage. One cannot understate the importance of advanced meeting management skills for events."

Catherine Parker

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