May 2017

Double take! Make-up student turns sister into their grandma

By Double take! Make-up student turns sister into their grandma

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Alveena Ghafar’s family had to do a double take after the UCB Specialist Hair and Media Make-up student turned her 21-year-old sister into their grandma.

Alveena sped up the aging process in true Back to the Future fashion as her second year project for the Advanced Prosthetics and Castings module of her foundation degree.

After eight weeks’ preparing silicone pieces and intricately working from an A4 photograph, it took three hours to transform the 20-year-old’s older sister into their 75-year-old grandma, who stumped up a head scarf and even an old pair of glasses to complete the metamorphosis.

“My sister looks like our grandma when she was young and my family think it’s uncanny,” said Alveena, who was inspired by a series of YouTube videos exploring aging prosthetics.

“The project was really challenging and if I was to do it again, I would use my newfound skills and knowledge to approach it slightly differently. However, I was really pleased with the result and enjoyed seeing it come together from start to finish.”

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