June 2014

Coeliac Night at The Atrium

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A special evening meal was hosted in The Atrium for the local Birmingham Coeliac Group as part of National Coeliac Awareness week. 

A total of 32 guests settled down to eat from a menu designed especially for them. UCB Chef Adam Pickett ensured that the dishes were all gluten-free. 

The three course meal included delicious selections such as steamed lemon sole, Cotswold white chicken and praline buttermilk pannacotta. Guests were also treated with an Amuse Bouche of soused mackerel and a Pre-Dessert of exotic fruit mousse with coconut foam. 

David Lissaman, Group Organiser for the Birmingham Coeliac Group, said: “On behalf of the group, may I express heartfelt thanks to the UCB staff and students for producing an excellent meal for everyone. They really excelled themselves and the whole group was delighted – both with the presentation and the quality of the food. The tastes were complex but exquisite, and I doubt that we could have had a better meal at a top restaurant. Everyone really appreciated the little extras, too – all of which were very tasty. 

“We, as a group, understand that preparing a gluten-free meal does have its complications, and it is a great accolade to UCB that such an excellent result was achieved.” 

Coeliac disease is a lifelong autoimmune disease caused by the immune system reacting to gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. When someone with coeliac disease eats gluten, their immune system reacts by damaging the lining of the small intestine causing mild to severe symptoms. 

The Birmingham Coeliac Group is also holding a gluten-free Food Fair on Saturday 12July at Harvest Fields Centre in Sutton Coldfield. You will be able to meet local representatives, speak to health professionals, and sample a wide range of gluten-free products available for purchase. For more information please contact birmingham@coeliac.org.uk.

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