December 2014

Chef Goldsmith's top ten turkey tips

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Chef lecturer Gary Goldsmith turns top turkey guru to guide you through the perfect way to prepare your Christmas dinner this year.

Whether you’re a cooking connoisseur or a domestic disaster, Chef Goldsmith has some great advice to help you get in the zone for festive feasting.

Chef Goldsmith’s top ten turkey tips:

1) Plan ahead.

2) If you’re using a frozen turkey, make sure it’s defrosted for at least two days in your refrigerator.

3) Prepare the turkey ready for roasting the night before. This can be done by basting the bird in butter or a cold-pressed rapeseed oil.

4) Prepare and cook your favourite stuffing separately and not inside the turkey. By doing so, it allows for full penetration of heat through the bird and also means that you get a nice crust on the stuffing, which gives it more flavour.

5) Slow roast at 160°C for a moist, not dry, texture.

6) Cook until the thickest part of the turkey, which is through the thigh and breast, reaches at least 70°C. This can be done with a meat thermometer.

7) Don’t wrap the turkey too tightly in tin foil, it’s important to allow some air space. The foil can be removed 20-30 minutes from the end to give the skin some extra colour.

8) Allow the turkey to rest after cooking for at least ½ hour to relax the meat.

9) Add the roasting juices to a fresh stock (bought or homemade) to make fabulous gravy.

10) Ensure any leftover turkey is refrigerated and, finally, enjoy a hassle-free Christmas!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from all at UCB.

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