May 2014

Charlotte Tilbury talks to make-up students

Read time: approx 1 mins

A group of Hair and Media Make-up and Special Effects students got to meet famous international make-up artist and consultant Charlotte Tilbury in Selfridges, Birmingham. 

The students had a meet and greet with Charlotte, whose make-up talents are often featured on the front cover of Vogue, and were able to ask her questions about what it is like being a famous make-up artist and quiz her about the launch of her new make-up range.

Charlotte’s make-up team, which included UCB student Rochelle Pinnock, demonstrated make-up tricks and techniques to achieve certain looks featured around Charlotte’s new launch: The Golden Goddess, The Uptown Girl and The Bombshell to name only a few. 

Sue Bedford, Programme Leader FE Theatrical Hair & Media Make-Up, said: “Meeting such a successful make-up artist was a great chance for students to ask questions about what it is like working in the industry and the opportunities available. Some students have very similar career aspirations to Charlotte Tilbury, so they were a little star-struck!”

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