May 2015

C'est chic… Emilie is a model student

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Makeup supremo Emilie Heyl produced a stunning magazine celebrating timeless French style for her final-year project at University College Birmingham.

Emilie, 21, who holds joint British-French nationality, returned to her Gallic roots for the fashion shoots for her glossy publication “Prestige.” She recruited friends and up-and-coming models to pose against famous backdrops such as the iconic Eiffel Tower and The Louvre in Paris.

The student’s parents live in Strasbourg, eastern France, and city locations including a five-star hotel, a traditional café and atmospheric backstreets were scouted for other shoots.

Although Emilie joined UCB to study salon business management, she has always had a passion for makeup and switched courses when she realised the university runs a popular Specialist Hair and Media Makeup degree.

It turned out to be the perfect course for her, combining Emilie’s love of makeup with fashion.
From drawing board to print run, “Prestige” took eight-months to complete. In addition to the fashion shoots, there are features on Chanel No 5 perfume and designer Christian Dior. Emilie took full control of the project, from designing and planning to directing the models, doing hair and makeup and writing the articles.

The clothes were provided by Emilie or were sourced from the models’ own wardrobes and borrowed from UCB lecturers. All of the sets, including the cafés and the chic hotel, were secured free of charge.

“Prestige” had a small print run of just 20 copies for Emilie’s undergraduate studies but it has provided the spark for a future business idea. Emilie’s dream is to set up and run her own magazine and she is to study an MA in Fashion Global Media in Paris to broaden her industry knowledge and skills.

Emilie, who was born in Southampton, moved to Strasbourg with her family when she was three years old. She says it was a daunting prospect leaving France to study in Birmingham but she was soon won over by UCB.
Emilie said: “I was amazed by the welcome. I came over with my mum and UCB was really helpful and took care of us. I am so glad I came to Birmingham because I was able to switch courses to study makeup and pursue my dream.”

Specialist Hair and Media Makeup lecturer Iain Burton-Legge paid tribute to Emilie’s creativity and drive. He said: “Emilie takes any negative and turns it into a positive to develop her skills as a makeup artist and stylist. She is both comfortable to work on her own and as a team member, allowing others to shine with her support along the way."

“Emilie’s personality is one that shines above others, always cheerful, pleasant and a joy to have around working within a team – vital assets in the industry she is interested in.

“The old adage ‘the world is your oyster’ is certainly not wasted on Emilie as she moves from UCB to Paris to work on her Masters and from there to other parts of world. One thing is for sure: the fashion industry will know Emilie Heyl has arrived and is here to stay.”

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