October 2014

Are you the Languages Undergraduate of the Year?

Read time: approx 1 mins

TARGETjobs are searching the best universities in the UK to find an outstanding languages undergraduate of the year. 

They are looking for an entrant that has a winning mix of personal skills, career motivation and an excellent academic record.  

Entrants must:

  • be an undergraduate student at a UK university
  • be an EU citizen with the right to work in the UK after graduation.
  • speak (as their mother tongue) any of the 24 official EU languages, as well as English, French or German fluently (as a second language).

To get your chance at becoming Language Undergraduate of the Year, simply register online and answer three special questions posed by EU Careers. 

The closing date for entries is Wednesday 4 February 2015

If you are interested in learning a language, UCB offers free language classes to all of their students. For more information, please visit our Modern Languages page.

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