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BSc (Hons), PGCE


0121 604 1000


I originally studied Tourism Management here at UCB. After achieving my BSc degree in 2006 I worked in the Events sector within a hotel. On gaining my PGCE I began working within another Further Education college setting up a Travel and Tourism department, finally joining University College Birmingham in 2014. My key responsibilities are centred on my role as Year Manager for the BTEC Level 3 programme year one students and module leader for Customer Service in Travel and Tourism and Preparing for Employment in Travel and Tourism.


Investigating Travel and Tourism Sector, Business of Travel and Tourism, UK as a Destination, Customer Service in Travel and Tourism, Marketing Travel and Tourism Products and Services, Preparing for Employment in Travel and Tourism, European Destinations, Long-haul Travel Destinations, Retail Travel Operations, Business Travel Operations, Responsible Tourism, Tour Operations, Specialist Tourism, Working as a Holiday Representative, Passenger Transport for Travel and Tourism, Events, Conferences and Exhibitions. UK Visitor Attractions, Hospitality Operations in Travel and Tourism, Entertainment for Holidaymakers, Work Experience in the Travel and Tourism Sector. Residential Study Visit in Travel and Tourism, Working as a Children's Representative in Travel and Tourism, Researching Current Issues in Travel and Tourism, Organising a Travel and Tourism Study Visit.

Research interests and scholarly activity

Integrating Maths and English in the classroom. Enhancing teaching, learning and assessment.

Department of Hospitality and Tourism

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