March 2014

SORTED Food featured in '30 under 30'

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SORTED Food has been ranked 4th in The Guardian’s video ’30 under 30: The top young people in digital media’.

A YouTube ‘food hub for beginners and pros’, SORTED Food is the brainchild of UCB graduate Ben Ebbrell, who received an honours degree in Culinary Arts Management in 2009.

Along with three of his friends – Barry, Jamie, and Mike – Ben takes YouTube viewers through cooking a variety of dishes, and describes the channel as being a mix of “food, recipes, videos and banter”. SORTED is the world’s most engaged cooking channel on YouTube, and is inspiring the younger generation to think more about what they eat.

Ben Ebbrell, Founder of SORTED Food and UCB alumni, said: “It’s brilliant that traditional media are picking up and celebrating the efforts we are making online and we’re thrilled to be mentioned on the list – let alone in the top five.

“SORTED have always tried to be innovative in the digital space and are constantly looking to push the boundaries for food and cooking online not just what we can come up with, but also the collective minds of our entire foodie community. Well over 700,000 people across the world subscribe to what we do, and contribute to shaping our next move.

“At the end of the day, it’s just cooking with mates – but in a way and scale that’s never before been seen! We love it!”

SORTED Food have given UCB a heads-up that they’re planning something really big – and all will be revealed over the next couple of months, with the promise that 2014 will be another ground-breaking year.

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