Sixth Form Centre - Mini Prospectus 2024


Welcome to our unique new Sixth Form Centre at University College Birmingham. We offer a rare and special combination: a dedicated A-level facility as part of a larger university campus. What this means is that you will get the best of both worlds – an award-winning, supportive environment while being prepared for university at a university, all in the heart of the city. Our partnership with the University of Warwick allows us to go above and beyond, inspiring our students by providing them with amazing opportunities to experience university life. University College Birmingham was voted as having the best student support in the UK in the 2022 Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which is testament to our commitment to student welfare and providing the resources and guidance our students need to succeed. We are thrilled to now be able to provide our sixth form students with this wraparound care while they take these important steps into a more grown-up and exciting way of learning. We are proud to be different – it is what we believe will make our Sixth Form Centre great and our students successful. We look forward to welcoming you on campus and showing you what we have to offer. WELCOME CONTENTS Rebecca Tique Sixth Form Principal WELCOME 3 WHY SIXTH FORM CENTRE AT UNIVERSITY COLLEGE BIRMINGHAM? 4 STUNNING NEW FACILITIES 6 AWARD-WINNING STUDENT SUPPORT 8 MEET OUR GREAT TEAM 10 STUDYING AT A UNIVERSITY 12 GETTING YOU READY FOR THE WORLD OF WORK 14 WHAT CAN I STUDY? 16 ENHANCED LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES 17 A TYPICAL WEEK 18 ENTRY REQUIREMENTS 20 BIOLOGY 21 BUSINESS 22 CHEMISTRY 23 COMPUTER SCIENCE 24 CRIMINOLOGY 25 ENGLISH LITERATURE 26 GEOGRAPHY 27 HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE 28 HISTORY 29 LAW 30 MATHEMATICS 31 FURTHER MATHS 32 PHYSICS 33 POLITICS 34 PSYCHOLOGY 35 SOCIOLOGY 36 HOW TO APPLY 37 PREPARING FOR AN INTERVIEW 38 CENTRAL LOCATION 39 MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 3

WHY SIXTH FORM CENTRE AT UNIVERSITY COLLEGE BIRMINGHAM? EXCELLENT LINKS WITH INDUSTRY Another real benefit of studying at a university is that we can provide you with relevant work experience placements, study visits, masterclasses, guest speakers, field trips and much more. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Students who have already made a successful transition to a college environment at 16 are better placed to successfully make the transition to university at 18. We’ll help you develop the skills you need to thrive academically and personally when you progress. STUDIES TO SUIT YOU You will need to choose three subjects to study at A Level. This may include Health and Social Care or Criminology (which are equivalent to one A level each). If an A level programme is not right for you, our admissions team can advise on a wide range of vocational alternatives. Please see our college prospectus for more information. FACILITIES Our brand-new centre will be ready for our first student intake in September 2024. You can be part of the first generation to study with us. LOCATION We are based right in the centre of Birmingham. Excellent transport links mean you can get to us from across the city and beyond. OUTSTANDING SUPPORT Our support is award-winning and nationally recognised. You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. COMMUNITY You will study in a dedicated sixth form centre where you can thrive in a supportive environment, but you will also be a student at a university. You will be in more of an adult environment than school, on first-name terms with your teachers, but with the care and attention to help you do your best. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 5 4

Our £5.5 million state-of-the-art sixth form centre is currently being developed with you in mind. The centre will welcome its first cohort of students in September 2024, boasting brand-new facilities, including lecture theatres, classrooms, science and computer labs and open study spaces. In addition, sixth form students can benefit from the University’s wider facilities, which have enjoyed a £160 million investment in recent years. From cutting-edge health facilities to a financial trading suite, these industry gold standard learning environments bring theory to life and give students a clearer idea of what it’s like working in industry. STUNNING NEW FACILITIES MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 7 6

AWARD-WINNING STUDENT SUPPORT Last year, University College Birmingham won a top award for student support, testament to our commitment to student welfare and providing the resources and guidance students need to succeed. You can expect tailored support throughout your time with us: ACADEMIC SUPPORT  An individual progress tutor, offering you regular group and one-to-one tutorials to ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals.  Expert teachers, both in their subject and at post-16 higher level tuition.  Our Centre for Academic Skills and English offers support with report and essay writing, time management, exam preparation and more.  Our library facilities are open 8am to midnight Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm on Saturdays and 12pm–5pm on Sundays during term time. If you struggle studying at home, our library can offer you a perfect study environment.  Online support through our universitystandard virtual learning environment (Canvas). CAREERS SUPPORT  Impartial advice and guidance to ensure your chosen subjects are in line with your career aspirations.  Dedicated careers advice, help with UCAS statements and choices from your progress tutors and careers team. We know what universities are looking for because we are a university.  Great access to work experience placements and more from our Hired employability team.  Unitemps – we have our own recruitment agency, offering you parttime and seasonal jobs, should you need one. PERSONAL SUPPORT  One-to-one mentoring by university students – our team of trained student mentors can give you advice on everything from student finance to revision skills.  Mental health and wellbeing advisers are there to support students who are experiencing emotional distress or personal difficulties.  Counselling – our impartial counsellors offer you a safe space to talk about anything that is affecting you, enabling you to make changes.  On-campus nurse – free and confidential advice on all health matters.  Disability support for all students who may need it. This may include note taking, additional 1:1 support, ECHP review and support sessions, specialist equipment, transition support and much more.  Round-the-clock online access to your learning plan, tutorial guidance, targets and records through ProPortal. FINANCIAL SUPPORT Available to those with a household income of less than £31,000 per year. Support includes help with essential uniform, equipment and travel as well as free college meals. Ask us for more details when you apply. OPEN-DOOR POLICY All our departments and staff have an open-door policy for students looking for support or guidance. You’re welcome to drop in to seek advice, whether it’s academic, financial, personal or anything that may be a barrier to studying. 9 MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 8

MEET OUR GREAT TEAM We are proud of our team of staff and we can’t wait for you to meet them. They are well-qualified and experienced in the subjects they teach. Many have strong industry experience, while others are examiners in their specialist subject. What they all have in common is a passion for their subject and a determination to ensure you reach your potential. Emma has worked in post-16 education for over two decades. She has led the delivery of A-level Law and Government and Politics across a large group of schools and has taught A-level Law and Critical Thinking as well as a wide variety of professional and vocational business and law courses. Emma has worked as an examiner and standards verifier for a number of awarding bodies throughout her career. Emma’s leadership roles in post-16 education have included curriculum leadership, tutorials, progress coaching, libraries and digital learning technologies, as well as the quality improvement of teaching, learning and assessment. Emma strongly believes in the power of learning to enable young people to reach their potential. EMMA BALL HEAD OF CURRICULUM - HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Tafadzwa has a wealth of experience in the further education sector having held positions as department manager for a range of subjects such as English and Maths across a number of local colleges. He prides himself on his dynamic and innovative approach, designed to engage students and enhance their learning experience. Tafadzwa is passionate about inclusivity and creating an environment where every student feels valued and empowered to succeed. TAFADZWA CHATUKUTA HEAD OF YEAR 12 Wendy started her career as a research scientist. She lectured on Genetics MSc and medicine courses in leading universities both in London and the USA, sparking her love for education. She has since held numerous roles in science teaching, examining and educational leadership in schools and colleges, both in the UK and internationally. Wendy aims to bring STEM subjects alive, making learning exciting and relevant through dynamic lessons and by engaging with national competitions, industries, guest speakers and research trips. She believes that an inspirational science and Maths education, will equip every individual with the power to drive positive change in our world. WENDY GRIMMETT HEAD OF CURRICULUM – STEM 11 MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 10

STUDYING AT A UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK PARTNERSHIP University College Birmingham has an ambitious partnership with the University of Warwick, designed to provide more opportunities for young people across the region. Many of our undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses are accredited and awarded by the University of Warwick, which means you can continue studying your degree course in a familiar environment at University College Birmingham, but your degree will be from the University of Warwick. This may prove relevant to you when you think about your higher education options after you leave our Sixth Form Centre. What makes Sixth Form Centre at University College Birmingham different to any other sixth form is the environment. You will be studying at a university – what better way to prepare for university studies than actually being in a university environment? This way, when you are ready to progress to university-level studies, you will know what to expect, whether you choose to continue your degree studies with us or move elsewhere. Your transition to another university will be much less daunting. Learning at a university is different from learning at school. We treat you as an adult and expect you to take responsibility for your studies, while providing plenty of support along the way. We will teach you how to research and actively seek information and resources you need to succeed. You will attend lectures, participate in discussion groups and work on independent projects, similar to the way university students work. In addition, during your time at the Sixth Form Centre, you will benefit from our university facilities. Our library is a digital-first library, offering you 24/7 access to more than 60 million digital resources, including e-books, electronic journals and multimedia. You will also have access to our stateof-the-art gym, beauty and hair salons, award-winning restaurant and more. Don’t forget you can also join our Guild of Students and various student societies and clubs – you’re studying at a university, so why not make the most of it? There are plenty of options depending on your interests, from sports to films and everything in between. 13 MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 12

GETTING YOU READY FOR THE WORLD OF WORK ACCESS TO EMPLOYERS It is important that you have access to various types of employers, from small local firms to international corporations. As a student at University College Birmingham, you are welcome to attend our employability fairs, so you have an opportunity to meet and chat to employers and get first-hand experience of their employment processes, even if you’re not looking for a job. Then, when your job search starts, you’re already ahead of the game. From the moment you start your journey with us, we will be getting you ready for the world of work, whether that’s through introducing you to the breadth of careers available or giving you specific skills employers are looking for. Our careers, placements and employability support is there to ensure you stand out in your field when you complete your studies. At the start of your journey with us, you will attend an induction to Hired (the employability support team) to discover the full range of services on offer. They include: CAREER MANAGEMENT You will have access to a whole range of online tools and resources to help with setting your career goals and developing the skills you need to stand out to employers. We regularly deliver workshops and presentations, helping you master UCAS personal statements, CV writing, interview techniques and much more. WORK PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES Universities and employers seek out young people who already have work experience. Our subject-specific employability tutors are on hand to guide you before, during and after your work experience placement, offering advice on the type of roles available, suggesting employers to suit you and helping to prepare you for your time in industry. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 15 14

WHAT CAN I STUDY? Courses available are a blend of A-levels and A-level equivalent vocational courses, which carry similar UCAS points for progression to university. You need to choose at least three subjects from the list below. If we agree it’s the best thing for you, you can study more.  Biology  Business Studies  Chemistry  Computer Science  Criminology  English Literature  Geography  Health and Social Care  History  Law  Maths  Further Maths  Physics  Politics  Psychology  Sociology WHERE WILL IT LEAD? There’s a huge range of possible career directions open to you, and you can combine subjects in any way that suits your interests and ambitions. We look forward to exploring them with you at your guidance interview and through our pastoral support. ENHANCED LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES Students may also have the opportunity to study Core Maths or Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in addition to their A-levels. Each of these is equivalent to half an A-level. CORE MATHS Core Maths is an excellent course for those who would like to understand Maths for life, such as how mortgages work or the meaning of data and statistics in news reports. It is ideal if you’d like to take your Maths beyond GCSE and to help build your success in A-level science, psychology, geography or business. EXTENDED PROJECT QUALIFICATION Undertaking an Extended Project Qualification will help you develop a useful range of study skills, preparing you for the demands of university work. It is valued by universities as it demonstrates your dedication to independent learning. An EPQ can be a dissertation, an artefact or a performance – we train you in project skills and give you individual mentoring as you work through your project. 17 MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 16

A TYPICAL WEEK AN EXAMPLE OF YOUR TYPICAL WEEK We treat you like adults and we expect you to take responsibility for your learning.  You will receive five hours’ tuition on every subject per week. You will be taught through a mixture of lectures, tutorials, practical workshops and seminars, depending on your chosen subjects.  There are two hours per week allocated to support – this may be through one-toone sessions, group tutorials, academic coaching or supervised study, depending on your needs. This is in addition to any support you may individually require, such as one-to-one support with your assignments from our academic tutors or Maths mentoring, for example.  Time is also allocated to enrichment activities every week. These activities give you a chance to do something completely different, but also help broaden your skills, knowledge and experience. Our programme is varied enough to suit various interests and aspirations, while helping you get the most out of your time with us. Activities include sports, student societies, mentoring, guest speakers and more.  There will also be time each week without timetabled commitments – it is up to you how you use this time, but remember our library is open every day for independent study and you can access learning spaces within the Sixth Form Centre for independent research and homework activities. Chemistry Mathematics Biology Tutorial Enrichment 19 MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 18

BIOLOGY IDEAL IF  You are interested in the fascinating world inside our cells and the dynamic interactions between living organisms and their environment.  You want to progress to a scientific, medical or health related career. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY You will learn about the intricate complexity of cells including roles of biological molecules such as enzymes and DNA. You will understand how animal and plant organ systems work as well as processes such as genetics, natural selection and conservation. There is a large practical emphasis, teaching you experimentation techniques as well as how to analyse and evaluate data. FUTURE Surgeon, vet, dentist, research scientist, nurse, physiotherapist, geneticist, neurologist, pharmacist. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Psychology as well as Health and Social Care. We strongly advise studying AS Core Maths alongside this course if Maths is not already one of your A-level choices. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSEs 9-5 in Maths and Science. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS STANDARD 3 A-LEVEL PROGRAMME A minimum of four subjects at GCSE grade 5 or higher, with GCSE English Language and Maths at a minimum of grade 4. Additional entry requirements for specific subjects are listed on their individual pages. SUBJECT GUIDE For more information about our courses, facilities and staff, please check our Sixth Form Centre section on our website. Progression possibilities on each page are only intended to be indicative. We know that A-level students progress onto a huge variety of careers, and many of the jobs which our current students will end up doing do not even exist yet. 21 MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 20

CHEMISTRY IDEAL IF  You’re interested in understanding substances around us and how they behave.  You are wanting to study any scientific or medically related degree or pursue careers related to sustainability, or the manufacturing of materials such as drugs and plastics. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY You will learn atomic structure, the Periodic Table and about how bonding and intermolecular forces influence the structure and properties of compounds. You will study inorganic reactions and analytical processes. You will delve into the organic molecules of life and understand how they can be used to promote good health and manufacture pharmaceutical products. You will develop a wide range of practical laboratory skills and use your theoretical knowledge to analyse and interpret the data you produce. FUTURE Medical professions, research scientist, materials scientist, industrial chemist, analytical scientist, teacher. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Physics, Biology, Maths and Geography. We strongly advise studying AS Core Maths alongside this course if Maths is not already one of your A-level choices. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Combination of two GCSEs 5 and 6 from Maths and Science. BUSINESS IDEAL IF  You’re interested in how business and commerce work.  You’d like to progress to work in a business role such as accountancy, financial services, auditing or management. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY You will learn how businesses function and factors that affect their performance. You will explore a range of tools and techniques that can be used to make effective decisions and to optimise performance. You will learn how different functions within a business (such as finance, HR and marketing) work together to achieve success overall. FUTURE Accountant, human resources manager, auditor, financial adviser, administrator, entrepreneur. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Law, Maths, Sociology, Psychology and English. We suggest studying AS Core Maths alongside this course if Maths is not one of your A-level choices. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSEs 9-5 in English and Maths. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 23 22

COMPUTER SCIENCE IDEAL IF  You are interested in finding digital solutions that solve problems in many areas including science, engineering and healthcare.  You would like to drive technological advancements in a range of fields from health to retail and from game design to forensic analytics. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY Computational thinking, including algorithm design, coding structures, types of programming and mark-up languages, operating systems, computer hardware and architecture, organisation and flow of data in computers, IT security systems, threats to systems, encryption and cryptographic techniques and secure management of computer systems. FUTURE Software engineer, data analyst, web designer, network engineer, cyber security analyst, games developer. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Maths, Physics and Business. We strongly advise studying AS Core Maths alongside this course if Maths is not already one of your A-level choices. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE 9-5 in Maths. CRIMINOLOGY IDEAL IF  You’re interested in the causes of crime, its impacts on individuals and society, and the criminal justice system.  You’re considering a career involved in the criminal justice system or in supporting the victims of crime. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY You will learn about different types of crime and how they are reported on and perceived. You will explore the causes of criminal and deviant behaviour and the work undertaken to prevent crime and deter potential offenders. You will also study the process for trying and punishing offenders. FUTURE Criminal psychologist, community development worker, police officer, social worker. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Politics, Law and Sociology. If you’re interested in a forensic science route, then you should also look at Chemistry and/or Biology and Maths. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSEs 9-5 in English Language or a humanities subject. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 25 24

GEOGRAPHY IDEAL IF  You’re fascinated by the world around you and have an interest in the future of our planet. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY You will explore the amazing natural landscapes and structures that make up our world and the ways in which humans co-exist with nature. Dealing with vital issues such as globalisation, climate change and conflict, Geography will enhance your understanding of contemporary issues and is a great facilitating subject for a range of different degree courses. FUTURE Environmental consultant, cartographer, surveyor, urban planner, conservation officer, landscape architect. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level English, Maths, Biology, History, Sociology and Politics. We suggest studying AS Core Maths alongside this course if Maths is not one of your A-level choices. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE grade 9-5 in Geography or English. ENGLISH LITERATURE IDEAL IF  You love reading and are interested in how literature makes sense of the world through stories, poems, novels and plays.  You are interested in a career which involves expression and communication through the written word. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY A range of texts including poetry, prose, drama and novels. Study, as you would expect, involves plenty of reading, but also requires you to discuss and analyse these literary works with your teacher and classmates. There will be coursework, accounting for 20% of the overall A-level, which comprises two pieces of extended writing and a commentary. FUTURE Digital copywriter, journalist, editor, archivist, librarian, teacher, civil servant. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level History, Politics, Sociology, Law and Psychology, which all benefit from the extended writing skills developed in English. But it also complements subjects like Business and the sciences. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE grade 9-6 in English or English Language. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 27 26

HISTORY IDEAL IF  You’re fascinated by the past and want to understand how it will shape the future.  You’d like to increase your cultural awareness and moral understanding of the world and develop a range of highly- valued transferable skills. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY History tackles big themes – such as the role of religion, political philosophies and the quest for military and economic power – and examines how they influence human affairs at different times. You will learn to critically evaluate a range of sources and consider how our view of the past can and does change. Students carry out a historical inquiry as coursework, which accounts for 20% of the A-level. FUTURE Academic, teacher, journalist, heritage manager, civil servant, archivist. IT GOES WELL WITH Most A-level subjects, but is often paired with A-level English, Politics, Law and Sociology. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE grade 9-5 in History or English. HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE IDEAL IF  You’re interested in understanding big issues which affect all of us, like health inequalities, global pandemics and the challenges of an ageing population.  You’re interested in a career in this rewarding, growing and ever-changing sector. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY Human physical, intellectual, emotional and social development throughout life and the factors affecting these positively and negatively, as well as the effects of ageing. You will learn about how our needs at each stage of life are identified and met by a wide range of roles and organisations within the health care sector, how these are monitored and regulated, and how they work together. You will study the ideas of different theorists, and examine the skills, qualities and ethical values which are needed to work in this field. FUTURE Nurse, paramedic, care worker, occupational therapist, social worker, community support, outreach worker. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Biology, Psychology, Sociology and Core Maths. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE 9-4 in English and Maths. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 29 28

MATHEMATICS IDEAL IF  You enjoyed Maths at GCSE and want to take it further.  You would like to work in a scientific, technical or numerate career. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY Pure Maths, such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, differentiation and integration, statistical Maths, including probability, hypothesis testing, distributions and regression, mechanics topics like vectors, Newton’s Laws, moments, projectiles, harmonic motion and coefficient of friction. FUTURE Engineer, research scientist, statistician, cyber security analyst, accountant, investment manager. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Physics, Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. Also Computer Science, Business and Criminology. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE 9-6 in Maths. LAW IDEAL IF  You’re interested in how laws are made, and how the legal system works.  You’re considering a career in the legal sector and want to learn more about it (A-level Law is not essential to get onto a law degree course, but does give you a chance to find out whether you’ll enjoy it). WHAT YOU WILL STUDY You will learn about the laws that govern all aspects of our society, discovering how they are made and applied to real life situations. You will explore roles of different people within the English Legal System, including judges, barristers, solicitors and lay people. You will undertake in-depth study of criminal law, tort law and either contract law or human rights. FUTURE Solicitor, barrister, conveyancing executive, advice worker, civil servant. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level English, History, Politics, Sociology and Business. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE grade 9-5 in English or English Language. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 31 30

FURTHER MATHS IDEAL IF  You wish to deepen your knowledge of A-level Maths and have a genuine love for problem solving and the world of Mathematics  You are preparing for highly competitive scientific or mathematically rich degree courses. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY This is our most prestigious Maths course, designed to enhance your understanding of Maths by studying complex Maths topics that are not covered by Maths A-level. Core Maths topics such as complex numbers, algebra and matrices are covered along with options that include statistics or mechanics. You will also develop the idea of mathematical algorithmic modelling to solve challenging real-life problems. FUTURE Actuary, astronomer, chartered accountant, data scientist, research scientist, engineer, statistician. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Maths; this strong combination helps you progress onto highly competitive university courses such as Engineering, Physics, Economics and Maths. Further Maths also goes well with other sciences such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE grade 9-7 in Maths. PHYSICS IDEAL IF  You are curious about how the world works, from galaxies to subatomic particles.  You would like a career in the physical sciences, engineering or computer science. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY The fundamental particles that make up everything, electromagnetic radiation, waves, fields and forces. You will learn about Newtonian physics, motion, gravity and how forces act on an object, as well as look at the physics of materials and their properties. You will also develop a broad set of practical skills, which will be assessed separately. FUTURE Research scientist, astronomer, meteorologist, software engineer, teacher/ lecturer, medical physicist. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Maths – all physicists should study Maths. Physics also combines well with Computer Science and Chemistry. You will be required to study AS Core Maths alongside this course if Maths is not one of your A-level choices. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE 9-6 in Maths and GCSE 9-5 in Science. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 33 32

PSYCHOLOGY IDEAL IF  You are fascinated by the human mind and what makes us tick.  You want to become a psychologist or progress to a career in related fields such as social services, the police, the legal system, medicine, business and more. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY Psychology is a science of human behaviour and experiences. You will study the ways in which psychologists approach the investigation of human behaviour, such as social, cognitive or biological approach and learning theories. In the second year, you will focus on the application of psychology to different areas of everyday life such as clinical and criminological psychology. FUTURE Psychologist, social worker, careers in health and nursing, counsellor, teacher, human resources. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Biology, Sociology, Criminology and Law. We strongly advise studying AS Core Maths alongside this course if Maths is not one of your A-level choices. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE Grade 9-5 in Maths and English. POLITICS IDEAL IF  You’re interested in current affairs and are curious about the world around you. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY With an incredible series of unexpected and unpredictable events at home and abroad in recent years, the study of Politics has never been more relevant or more fascinating. It’s a great subject for those with enquiring minds and a desire to find out just what is going on in the world today and why. You will cover a broad range of topics; exploring political processes, structures and ideologies. You will develop your skills of analysis and evaluation, as you explore global issues such as poverty, the environment and human rights. FUTURE Civil servant, Lawyer, Journalist, Diplomat, Economist, Police, Parliamentary Researcher. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level History, Sociology and Law, as well as English Literature and Geography. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE grade 9-5 in History or English. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 35 34

HOW TO APPLY STEP 1 Our applications for entry in September 2024 will open in September 2023. You can apply on our website. The deadline for applications is Friday 1 March 2024. Priority is given to those students who apply before the deadline. Applications received after the closing date will still be considered, however, late applicants should be aware that places may no longer be available. STEP 2 All applicants will be invited to an interview to discuss their application. See the next page for more information about how to prepare for an interview. If successful, you will be offered a place at our Sixth Form Centre. If not, we may suggest an alternative course. STEP 3 All successful applicants will be invited to attend an Orientation Day in the summer of 2024 to get a taste of life in our Sixth Form Centre. You can also start your enrolment process at this time, subject to your GCSE results. STEP 4 After your GCSE results have been confirmed, we will need to see proof of your qualifications, but we will write to you about this nearer the time. STEP 5 During enrolment, you will have a short interview to make sure your subject choices are still appropriate and that you meet entry requirements. After this, you will receive your timetable, which will include your induction. Attendance at induction is required in order for your enrolment to be complete. SOCIOLOGY IDEAL IF  You are interested in the way societies function, and how we can understand them.  You would like to work in the welfare or social sectors. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY Sociology is the study of human social structures, behaviours and relationships. You will learn and apply sociological theories on a range of topics (these may include culture and identity, the family, work, poverty and welfare, health, crime and education). You will develop research and analytical skills to support you in further study in the social sciences. FUTURE Social researcher, community development worker, public relations officer, youth worker, housing manager, teacher/lecturer. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Psychology, Criminology, History, Law and English Language. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE Grade 9-5 in English. OPEN DAYS 2023/24 Sat 7 October 2023 10am – 2pm Sat 18 November 2023 10am – 2pm Wed 7 February 2024 4pm – 7pm Wed 17 April 2024 4pm – 7pm MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 37 36

CENTRAL LOCATION PREPARING FOR AN INTERVIEW Every student likely to meet our entry requirements will be invited for an interview. This is a two-way process – it’s an opportunity for us to find out more about you and give you the right advice about your future options, but also for you to meet us and decide if we’re the right place for you. HERE IS WHAT TO EXPECT  Interviews will either be conducted on campus or at your school.  Dress code is smart casual, but most students attend in their school uniform.  Your interview will be with a member of the Sixth Form Centre. Our staff are friendly and approachable. They will discuss your future ambitions and your subject choice, as well as the entry requirements. They will also speak to you about opportunities available at our Sixth Form Centre, which you may find of interest. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. After your interview, we hope to write to you with an offer of a place or a recommendation of a different course at University College Birmingham. Our central location close to Birmingham city centre means we are easily reached from all parts of Birmingham and beyond. Snow Hill and New Street stations are both just a few minutes’ walk from our Sixth Form Centre and we are well served by all bus routes to the city. DID YOU KNOW? We offer financial support with travel? Ask us for more information at your interview. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 39 38

Sixth Form Centre University College Birmingham Camden House, East Parade, Birmingham, B1 3PY FOR ADMISSIONS 0121 214 2919 SIXTHFORMADMISSIONS@UCB.AC.UK WWW.UCB.AC.UK/STUDY/SIXTH-FORM-CENTRE OPEN DAYS 2023/24 Sat 7 October 2023 10am – 2pm Sat 18 November 2023 10am – 2pm Wed 7 February 2024 4pm – 7pm Wed 17 April 2024 4pm – 7pm FIND US