Sixth Form Centre - Mini Prospectus 2024

PSYCHOLOGY IDEAL IF  You are fascinated by the human mind and what makes us tick.  You want to become a psychologist or progress to a career in related fields such as social services, the police, the legal system, medicine, business and more. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY Psychology is a science of human behaviour and experiences. You will study the ways in which psychologists approach the investigation of human behaviour, such as social, cognitive or biological approach and learning theories. In the second year, you will focus on the application of psychology to different areas of everyday life such as clinical and criminological psychology. FUTURE Psychologist, social worker, careers in health and nursing, counsellor, teacher, human resources. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Biology, Sociology, Criminology and Law. We strongly advise studying AS Core Maths alongside this course if Maths is not one of your A-level choices. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE Grade 9-5 in Maths and English. POLITICS IDEAL IF  You’re interested in current affairs and are curious about the world around you. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY With an incredible series of unexpected and unpredictable events at home and abroad in recent years, the study of Politics has never been more relevant or more fascinating. It’s a great subject for those with enquiring minds and a desire to find out just what is going on in the world today and why. You will cover a broad range of topics; exploring political processes, structures and ideologies. You will develop your skills of analysis and evaluation, as you explore global issues such as poverty, the environment and human rights. FUTURE Civil servant, Lawyer, Journalist, Diplomat, Economist, Police, Parliamentary Researcher. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level History, Sociology and Law, as well as English Literature and Geography. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE grade 9-5 in History or English. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 35 34