Sixth Form Centre - Mini Prospectus 2024

STUDYING AT A UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK PARTNERSHIP University College Birmingham has an ambitious partnership with the University of Warwick, designed to provide more opportunities for young people across the region. Many of our undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses are accredited and awarded by the University of Warwick, which means you can continue studying your degree course in a familiar environment at University College Birmingham, but your degree will be from the University of Warwick. This may prove relevant to you when you think about your higher education options after you leave our Sixth Form Centre. What makes Sixth Form Centre at University College Birmingham different to any other sixth form is the environment. You will be studying at a university – what better way to prepare for university studies than actually being in a university environment? This way, when you are ready to progress to university-level studies, you will know what to expect, whether you choose to continue your degree studies with us or move elsewhere. Your transition to another university will be much less daunting. Learning at a university is different from learning at school. We treat you as an adult and expect you to take responsibility for your studies, while providing plenty of support along the way. We will teach you how to research and actively seek information and resources you need to succeed. You will attend lectures, participate in discussion groups and work on independent projects, similar to the way university students work. In addition, during your time at the Sixth Form Centre, you will benefit from our university facilities. Our library is a digital-first library, offering you 24/7 access to more than 60 million digital resources, including e-books, electronic journals and multimedia. You will also have access to our stateof-the-art gym, beauty and hair salons, award-winning restaurant and more. Don’t forget you can also join our Guild of Students and various student societies and clubs – you’re studying at a university, so why not make the most of it? There are plenty of options depending on your interests, from sports to films and everything in between. 13 MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 12