Sixth Form Centre - Mini Prospectus 2024

FURTHER MATHS IDEAL IF  You wish to deepen your knowledge of A-level Maths and have a genuine love for problem solving and the world of Mathematics  You are preparing for highly competitive scientific or mathematically rich degree courses. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY This is our most prestigious Maths course, designed to enhance your understanding of Maths by studying complex Maths topics that are not covered by Maths A-level. Core Maths topics such as complex numbers, algebra and matrices are covered along with options that include statistics or mechanics. You will also develop the idea of mathematical algorithmic modelling to solve challenging real-life problems. FUTURE Actuary, astronomer, chartered accountant, data scientist, research scientist, engineer, statistician. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Maths; this strong combination helps you progress onto highly competitive university courses such as Engineering, Physics, Economics and Maths. Further Maths also goes well with other sciences such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE grade 9-7 in Maths. PHYSICS IDEAL IF  You are curious about how the world works, from galaxies to subatomic particles.  You would like a career in the physical sciences, engineering or computer science. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY The fundamental particles that make up everything, electromagnetic radiation, waves, fields and forces. You will learn about Newtonian physics, motion, gravity and how forces act on an object, as well as look at the physics of materials and their properties. You will also develop a broad set of practical skills, which will be assessed separately. FUTURE Research scientist, astronomer, meteorologist, software engineer, teacher/ lecturer, medical physicist. IT GOES WELL WITH A-level Maths – all physicists should study Maths. Physics also combines well with Computer Science and Chemistry. You will be required to study AS Core Maths alongside this course if Maths is not one of your A-level choices. SUBJECT-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS GCSE 9-6 in Maths and GCSE 9-5 in Science. MINI PROSPECTUS 2024 33 32