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A mentoring partnership is when someone with more knowledge in a specific area – in our case, our undergraduates – provides guidance and direction to a less experienced and often younger person.

At University College Birmingham, our Schools Liaison and Outreach team work closely with the Aimhigher partnership to run a fantastic mentoring programme where our undergraduate students provide one-to-one support lessons for local secondary school pupils.

Mentoring is about helping people to make informed decisions. Our mentors work incredibly hard to build a relationship of trust and confidence with their mentees and provide guidance by drawing on their own experiences to help raise aspirations for the future. The partnership – created by our mentors – is incredibly rewarding as younger learners often look up to older students for inspiration.

If you are a teacher or careers advisor, please select the ‘Schools’ button below to find out more about Aimhigher mentoring at University College Birmingham and how you can get involved with the initiative. If you are a current undergraduate student with us, click the ‘Become a mentor’ button to find out more about the benefits of mentoring and how to apply.

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If you have any questions about Aimhigher mentoring, whether you are from a school
or are a current student, please contact Gary McDermott via email  


What is Aimhigher?

Aimhigher West Midlands is a network of higher education institutions, schools and colleges whose aim is to encourage more students from under-represented groups to achieve their potential and participate in higher education.

At University College Birmingham, we really believe in Aimhigher’s vision of recruiting mentors who encourage and support learners as they encounter various transition milestones in their educational life. Being a part of Aimhigher mentoring is a fantastic opportunity for your students to gain first-hand support from our students and show them what their future in higher education could look like.

How can a mentor help school students?

Our student mentors are here to help school students achieve their potential and make important decisions about their future. Sessions could cover topics such as:

  • School and college choices
  • Choosing the right course to study
  • University life, finances and application processes
  • Job and career choices
  • Revision and study skills

Having a mentor will help students develop their knowledge in these areas.

All our mentors are studying degree courses at University College Birmingham, and have gone through similar decision-making processes as school students just a few years before. They have an immense amount of knowledge around everything from effective revision techniques to student life at university and are happy to help with any worries students may have about the future.

What are the benefits of being mentored?

If you are a school wishing to join the scheme, the benefits of having a mentor are endless. Your students will have access to:

  • A fully trained student mentor who will provide tailored sessions on a range of university-related issues
  • Help to gain more confidence and self-esteem around their future
  • Reassurance that everyone can access higher education, regardless of their background

Becoming an Aimhigher mentor

If you are a committed and enthusiastic undergraduate student here at University College Birmingham, Aimhigher mentoring is the perfect opportunity for you, especially if you are looking for a career in the education sector or hoping to work with children. It’s a chance to gain some exposure in this field while earning some money.

You will have the opportunity to deliver one-to-one sessions to secondary school students, plan and deliver these sessions and pass on your expertise about university life. It is an invaluable opportunity that will not only look great on your CV but is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. 

You will receive full training to help you deliver your sessions and will be paid £10.65 per hour for each session you run.

At the end of the programme, you will be invited to a celebration event with all your mentees – and all of the other universities and schools who have taken part in the initiative – to applaud the successes of your students and as a thank you for your support.

Applications are now closed.

Please check back at the beginning of the upcoming semester. 

What are the benefits of being a mentor?

  • A chance to enhance your CV with skills such as leadership, communication and working with young people
  • An opportunity to work with children from under-represented areas to give them more confidence
  • Positively impact your mentee's future pathway
  • Flexible, part-time working to suit your studying schedule

How to apply?

Applications are now closed.

What is the selection process?

If you are successful in the application stage, you will be invited to an Interview.

If you pass the interview stage, this will be followed by a two-day training programme to ensure you are fully prepared to deliver your sessions. 

You will also have to complete a DBS check if you are successful in gaining this job role.  

All correspondence regarding your application will be made via email. 

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