Publication of historical qualifications

University College Birmingham offers a wide range of vocational degree courses. Every institution has autonomy over their admissions process, decision making and entry requirements.

The fundamental aspects of any offer we make to our applicants are their academic ability and their potential to succeed. In addition, we also take into account their holistic skills and any previous experience that will prepare them to successfully complete the level of course for which they have applied. This is the basis on which we recruit candidates to suit the courses we offer.

The tool UCAS has created is for advisers to support learners in choosing the correct provider. However, our ‘qualifications on entry’ data does not appear in this tool. This is because the data being utilised by UCAS is limited and selective in a number of ways:

  • The three years of admissions data UCAS is collecting only includes learners who are aged 18.
  • The qualifications present in this tool are for candidates who held three A-levels, BTEC qualifications and Scottish higher qualifications (equivalent to three A-levels). We are an inclusive institution accepting a wide range of qualifications and experience that do not appear within this tool.
  • Like other universities, we offer applicants the opportunity to apply direct. Unfortunately, the UCAS data included in this tool does not represent applicants who have chosen to apply direct to University College Birmingham.

UCB is an inclusive institution and we accept a wide range of qualifications that do not appear in this tool, we also offer our candidates a free, fast and efficient direct application process, unfortunately, this application data is not represented in this tool.

It is due to the above that we do not meet the thresholds set out by UCAS for this tool. However, this does not diminish the offer we wish to make to any applicant applying to University College Birmingham.

If you need advice and guidance as to your suitability please see our course-specific entry requirements.

Alternatively, please enquire directly to us and we will let you know within 48 hours whether you meet the entry requirements for our course.

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