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Apply for teacher training – Department for Education

Before you apply, we wanted to tell you about Apply for teacher training (‘Apply’), the new application route for postgraduate teacher training courses designed by the Department for Education (DfE).  

University College Birmingham is an Apply Early Adopter which means you are eligible to use this new service.

University College Birmingham UTT codes

Institution name is BUCB

Institution code is B35

PGCE Primary (QTS) Pathway is HB23

What is Apply for teacher training?

Apply for teacher training is the new DfE-owned and run application process for postgraduate PGCE (ITT) courses.

The service has been designed to make it easy to use and provides detailed guidance for tricky sections such as completing your personal statement. 

University College Birmingham is an early adopter meaning you can apply to selected PGCE (ITT) courses offered by us through Apply.  

Start your application

If you have issues submitting your application through this new apply tool please get in touch with the DfE at 

UCAS Teacher Training

To apply using UCAS and not the new DfE service please use the following link

UCAS Teacher Training (UTT)

The application fee is £1 and covers both Apply 1 and Apply 2. Payment can be made online using a debit or credit card.

Frequently asked questions

Some questions frequently asked by candidates and some lines to take when talking to candidates about Apply.

What does it mean that you are an Early adopter?

The new Apply for teacher training service went live with a limited number of training providers in November 2019. From this October more providers are joining the service including University College Birmingham as we are an Apply early adopter. 

As an early adopter, we’re working with the DfE to co-design the service. This means that you can apply to our ITT courses through either Apply for teacher training or UCAS Teacher Training.

What’s different about Apply?

Apply for teacher training is on GOV.UK so it looks similar to other government-run services and has clear and concise guidance to support you when making your application. 

Some of the key differences include specific guidance to help you with your personal statement. On Apply it’s also quick and easy to show providers what work or volunteering experience you have and whether you’ve worked with children. 

How does it work having UCAS Teacher Training running as well?

UCAS Teacher Training and DfE Apply for teacher training are currently running side-by-side. If all of your shortlisted courses are on Apply for teacher training you can apply through Apply for teacher training or UCAS Teacher Training.

If some of your courses are not on Apply for teacher training and you’d rather not fill in multiple applications you should apply through UCAS Teacher Training.

Whichever route you apply through, your application will be treated fairly by your providers. 

Which service should I apply through?

Use Apply for teacher training if:

  • all the providers on your shortlist are signed up to Apply for teacher training
  • you want to try a new process with extra guidance on tricky areas such as personal statements 

Use UCAS if:

  • you are already doing an application through UCAS 
  • some of your choice(s) of a training provider are not signed up to Apply for teacher training and you’d rather not apply through two different systems

Why are not all of my choices on Apply?

The new Apply for teacher training service is being rolled out gradually. Some providers, like us, are early adopters of the service and we are working closely with the DfE to co-design it. 

Not all providers are ready to adopt the service so only some courses are available through Apply. 

Gradually, more providers will sign up to the service. UCAS and the Department for Education are working closely together to make this a smooth transition. 

Take a look on Find postgraduate teacher training to see if your courses are on Apply for teacher training. 

Can I apply through both services?

If some of your courses are on Apply and some are not, you can submit applications through both services but it may be easier to apply for all of your courses through UCAS Teacher Training. 

You should apply to no more than 3 courses in total. DfE and UCAS will work to identify if candidates have accepted multiple offers across both services. 

Is there a fee for using Apply?

There is no fee for using Apply for teacher training. UCAS asks for a small fee of £1. 

I’m having problems using Apply for teacher training, what should I do?

A few things to know about Apply for teacher training

  1. We’ll guide you through the application process when you use Apply for teacher training.
  2. By using Apply for teacher training you’re helping us improve the teacher training application process.
  3. The qualifications you need for teacher training are the same whether you apply through UCAS or Apply for teacher training.
  4. Teacher training providers will say on their website or on Find postgraduate teacher training if they’re accepting applications through Apply for teacher training.
  5. Training providers who are signed up to Apply for teacher training will continue to make their courses available through UCAS for now.
  6. Providers will consider your application in the same way whether you apply through UCAS or Apply for teacher training.
  7. Training providers and course codes will be the same across both services.
  8. During the first round of your application (called Apply 1 on UCAS) you should apply to no more than 3 courses in total, whether you use UCAS or Apply for teacher training, or both. You can choose to apply to some courses on Apply for teacher training and others on UCAS, based on availability.
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