Part time Foundation Degree Partial Fee Waiver

In each academic year:

Up to 50 full or partial fee waivers for foundation degree study, up to the full value of tuition fees.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

University College Birmingham wishes to encourage those with capability but no previous experience of higher education study to take up a higher education programme. We recognise that juggling work, family and study commitments is often difficult and potentially very costly. Although there are now loans for UK/EU citizens who are part-time students, which are repayable only when an applicant earns in excess of £25,000, some UK/EU citizens may not be eligible for them. These fee waivers are designed to assist in overcoming any financial barriers that may be present for those who are ineligible to access such loans (although ineligibility on grounds of having a prior equivalent level qualification will not give grounds for award of one of these fee waivers). Applications should detail what benefit is expected to follow from completing the Foundation Degree, and should provide proof that their application to Student Finance England has been unsuccessful.

These fee waivers are offered to any applicant meeting the Home/EU nationality test (normally a citizen of the UK or any EU country) who has applied to University College Birmingham for a part-time FdA or FdSc programme. They are available only for those making an individual application and not for those who are studying as part of a company (or public body) commissioned programme.

Any fee waiver awarded will be for a single academic year only. Applications for subsequent years are possible and are subject to the same eligibility criteria.

Applications Procedure

Applicants must complete the standard University College Birmingham scholarship application once they have a decision from Student Finance England. Ensure that the category of scholarship/fee waiver applied for is clearly noted and provide the confirmation from Student Finance England that you are ineligible for the part-time student loan.

Scholarship Application Form

Application Dates

There are a limited number of scholarships in this category available each year. The number of eligible students is expected to considerably exceed the number of scholarships available, so the earliest of applications is recommended.

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