Masters Intern Bursary

University College Birmingham’s Masters Intern Bursaries pay the full value of full-time masters tuition fees at University College Birmingham in return for 400 hours of work during the year of study.

The masters intern bursaries therefore both pay the full cost of full-time Masters Tuition fees and provide an opportunity to list on your CV that you have worked for University College Birmingham.

These bursaries are available to any student who:

  • Has gained a 2:2, 2:1 or 1st Class degree at University College Birmingham within the last year
  • Is enrolling on a full-time master’s degree at University College Birmingham
  • Is a UK or EU national with settled status

These bursaries will normally be allocated to students commencing their programme in September.

You must apply for a Masters Intern Bursary before teaching commences by the end of 14th July for the following academic year. Interviews will be held online in mid-August.

Note that International students or EU students that do not have settled status (those paying International Student Fees for their bachelors programme) are not eligible. Such students may instead eligible for International Student Progression Scholarships.

As an EU national to be eligible for the Masters Intern Bursary you will need to have been living in the UK before the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020. To apply for this Bursary you will be required to have EU settlement status (EUSS) to continue to live and study in the UK after this date. You require your own immigration status and you are not covered by a parent’s application to the EUSS. Applications to the EUSS are free and can be made online on GOV.UK, successful applicants get either settled status or pre-settled status.

How the Intern Bursary works

Students in receipt of the Masters Intern Bursary enjoy the same timetable and tutorial support as all other Masters students. In lieu of paying tuition fees, they undertake work for University College Birmingham to the equivalent of 12 hours minimum a week, term-time but work may be required during semester breaks due to the requirements of the organisation.

This work will be negotiated on an individual basis but may include activities such as: acting as a Student Ambassador, mentoring other students at University College Birmingham, contributing to Student Services Unit activities for other students, assisting in the library, Marketing, Finance department or other support functions.

For the master’s degree study, Masters Interns will be treated in exactly the same way as other Masters students, with support from a named tutor and a normal study timetable.

The line manager will be responsible for negotiating and assigning the duties equivalent to 12 hours minimum per week for each Masters Intern assigned to their department. Duties assigned will depend on each student’s skills, knowledge and aptitude.

The Personnel Unit will also arrange for any training that may be needed in order to prepare a Masters Intern to carry out their duties. In the unlikely event that a student in receipt of a Masters Intern Bursary does not complete the duties expected of them, the full Masters tuition fee will become payable for the academic year.

Application Procedure

Applicants must complete the standard application form. Ensure that the category of scholarship applied for is clearly noted. Contact with queries regarding this Bursary.

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