Sam Bowen-Smith

Hello everyone, my name is Sam Bowen-Smith. I’ve just completed my first year at UCB, studying Supporting Teaching and Learning.

I can honestly say my journey at UCB has been great. Whenever I’m there, I feel at ease and that means everything when you’re studying. It’s nice to be surrounded by friends that share similar experiences and my assessors have been extremely supportive.

I don’t have to travel far to attend UCB as I was born and raised in Brum town (Birmingham) so I’m very familiar with city life. I do love a good (sensible) shopping spree in the city, it really is therapy for me – aside from finding inspiration in the endless variety in fashion, shopping helps me to take my mind off everyday stuff. I try not to take my eyes off my expenses while I’m out shopping but I have to admit the temptation is there especially in the sales – I love a good bargain!

I love to travel at any time of the year. I’ve been to Turkey, New York, Minehead in Somerset and of course the capital, lovely London. I enjoy seeing different sights, meeting new people and taking pictures to capture beautiful moments, embracing differences in cultures and trying different foods (although I’m not always that adventurous with this one). A holiday abroad or just a simple short city or country break is enough to satisfy my appetite for travel.

My family and my Christian faith are everything. I love spending time with friends and family – if there’s a BBQ, I’m there, or film night, I’m there (as long as there’s popcorn) – and my church is so vibrant, the two-step works for a lot of the gospel songs lol. All jokes aside, you know those moments of tension in life where you just need something to believe in?!

So anyway, I’ll be blogging for a while so pleeeeaaaase look out for my posts!

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