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Why did you become a Student Ambassador?

I wanted to know more about the university, meet new people. Also, as I am studying Events, I felt that this was a good opportunity to support some events and get experience. Besides that, I wanted to improve my communication skills and be challenged.  

What are the best things about being a Student Ambassador? 

The best thing about being a Student Ambassador, for me, is the opportunity to meet new students, new stories of life, and to know more about our university: in terms of events or in terms of services/courses. It is very gratifying when someone come to us and ask something that we learned as an ambassador.

What skills have you developed through your time as a Student Ambassador?

I think I developed my ability to speak in front of people. Although I am a friendly person and I like to talk to everyone, I’ve never been confident on speaking out loud to people. Since I become a Student Ambassador, I improved my communication skills. I also became more patient because sometimes we have to deal with teenagers that are not as respectful as we expect, but it’s a part of the job and we have to stay calm and manage everything, so the events run smoothly.

What would you tell someone else thinking about becoming a Student Ambassador?

I would tell that being a student ambassador is fun, pays well and it give us a range of magnificent opportunities.

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