Transferring out of UCB to another institution

If you wish to transfer to another University or college, then please contact your year manager in the first instance for further advice and guidance.  They will be able advise you on how to proceed and who to notify.  There is further information below which may give you some advice on the financial implications.

Transferring to a new higher education provider (HEP) part-way through your university course may have some impact on your ability to obtain funding from Student Finance. Please read below for the most common scenarios encountered by our students. However, if you have any further questions or if your circumstances do not feature in the list below, we recommend visiting the Finance Office on the 1st floor of The Link, in order to seek advice and guidance from the Student Finance team here at UCB.

Before reading the guidance below, it is important to know that Student Finance use a particular funding calculation when determining whether a student has tuition fee loan funding available for their course. This is:

Length of course in years + 1 additional year – number of years of previous study.

This calculation is used in order to allow students to access an extra year of study if it is needed, e.g. if they are required to repeat modules or if they wish to transfer programme. However, if more than one extra year of funding is required, this can cause a student to exhaust their entitlement to tuition fee loan funding from Student Finance. It is therefore important to consider your options before transferring to a new provider. Please note that maintenance loan can continue to be accessed with no restrictions, but if a student has received too much maintenance loan they will enter overpayment and Student Finance will take steps to retrieve this money. For more information about maintenance overpayments, please click here.

Student has completed one or more academic years at UCB, and wishes to transfer to a new HEP.
Student transfers to new HEP within the same enrolment period, having had attendance at UCB.
Student transfers to a new HEP at the start of a new enrolment period, having had attendance at UCB.
Student has enrolled at UCB but has not attended, then transfers to a new HEP.
Student has applied for funding at UCB but starts at a new HEP without enrolling at UCB.

Frequently asked questions

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