Financial Support

Find out what you can apply for and how by visiting our Student Finance Support pages.

Applying for your Student Finance

If you require a tuition fee loan and/or help towards your living costs you should apply for your Student Finance as soon as possible to ensure your funding is in place in time.  If you are unsure which university and/or course you will be attending in February 2017 (or even if you will attend university in February) you should still apply for Student Finance, using the university and course details which are most likely.  If these change you can simply update your Student Finance application to reflect this. 

If applying for your Student Finance online, once you have submitted your application, a Student Declaration form will be available on your online account.  You need to print this out, sign, date and return it to the address on the form. You will not receive any payments in February if Student Finance has not received this.

Once you have completed your enrolment we will inform Student Finance of your registration.  Please bring sufficient funds to cover you for the first couple of weeks as you will not receive the first instalment of your maintenance loan until 3-5 workings days after you enrol.

Where can I find help or information about my Student Finance?

The Finance department is here to help you with any funding queries you might have. If you have any questions about your entitlement to loans from Student Finance, especially if you are a prospective student who has studied at higher education level previously, please get in contact so we can talk you through your potential funding. Alternatively, you can find more information by visiting our Student Finance Support pages. 

If you are having difficulties with your Student Finance application, or if you are experiencing delays of more than four-six weeks, please get in touch and we should be able to contact Student Finance on your behalf.  Please call Emma (0121 232 4092) or Emily (0121 232 4017).

If you need help completing your Student Finance application, you can make an appointment with our Student Services department (0121 232 4405).