Student Services

Looking after your health and wellbeing

The University nurse is available for advice on all health matters. If you have a medical condition or complaint, the nurse will be able to help by either treating the condition or referring you to the NHS. 

The nurse can also provide advice and treatment on a wide range of health issues including immunisation, smoking, diet, contraception and other medical problems.

This service, like all the others provided by Student Services, is both free and confidential.  The nurse is based on the 7th floor of our Summer Row campus and is available 8.00am-4.00pm Monday to Friday should you need any assistance.

If you have a medical condition that might affect your academic performance or have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, you should contact the Academic Skills Centre (ASC) located in the 5th floor library of our Summer Row campus. 

For more information about the learning and support services available at UCB please visit our Learning and Support Services page. 

It is essential that you register with a local doctor and dentist while at UCB. Information on registering is available from the UCB nurse, Student Services or, in the case of those living in our halls of residence, the information pack provided to you upon arrival. UCB works closely with two medical centres that are closely located to our student accommodation:

3 Minute walk from The Maltings

Bath Row Medical Centre                                         

First Floor                                                                    

The Colston Suite                                                      

Attwood Green Health Centre                                   

30 Bath Row                                                               


B15 1LZ


Tel: 0121 622 4846  


10 Minute walk from Cambrian Hall


Halcyon Medical Centre

Lower Ground Floor

Boots, The Chemist

67-89 High Street


B4 7TA


Tel: 0121 411 0363




The nearest hospital to the University with an Accident and Emergency unit is:


City Hospital

Dudley Road


B18 7QH


Tel: 0121 554 3801


Visit our Health & Wellbeing page for more information.