Applying for January and September 2019

Making your Application

If you are a UK or EU student applying for a full-time undergraduate course and you only wish to apply to University College Birmingham (UCB), you have four options available to you. Carefully select one of the options below. If you get stuck or have any queries call our Admissions team on: 0121 604 1040 or email:  

Apply direct to UCB

(We will submit your application to UCAS on your behalf)

UCB Direct allows prospective students who are interested in applying for January and September 2019 to apply direct (free of charge) without having to complete lengthy and sometimes complex application forms.

To apply direct to UCB, you must satisfy the following criteria before selecting option one or two: 

  • You only wish to apply to UCB (if you would like to apply to more than one institution, you must apply via UCAS)
  • You must be a UK or EU applicant for residency purposes
  • You must not have previously applied via UCAS this year (we will complete this on your behalf) 
Option one - I am waiting for my results and I haven’t applied through UCAS
Option two - I have my results and I haven’t applied through UCAS
Option three - international direct
Option four - apply through UCAS


Help with your UCAS Application

In addition, University College Birmingham offer support workshops for applicants applying for Higher Education who are not familiar with the UCAS process.

UCAS support is available on Tuesday afternoons between 1.30pm to 4pm in the Summer Row Campus.

If you would like to make an appointment, please email to arrange a booking slot.

If you have any questions regarding your UCAS application, please contact the admissions team:

By telephone: 0121 604 1040

By email:

Twitter (Blue Icon) You can also contact us on Twitter @UCB_Admissions

Choosing your course

UCAS Course Search is a great way to look for courses. Students have a maximum of five choices so we recommend you write a list of all the courses that interest you and then evaluate each option. Once you have done this you can draw up a shortlist of your preferred top five courses. However, if you only wish to apply to UCB, then you can apply direct UCB Direct form.

University College Birmingham UCAS codes

University College Birmingham’s institution name is BUCB.

University College Birmingham’s institution code is B35.

Each course code can be found within each individual course page on this website.

Application fees

The fee for making a UCAS application is £13 for a single course and £23 for more than one course. All applications received after 30 June, 2019 – even if it is for one course – will be £23. 

When to apply

For September 2019 entry, the official UCAS deadline for UK and EU applicants to be guaranteed equal consideration is 15 January, 2019. We can consider applications from non-UK/EU applicants up to August 2019. University College Birmingham does not close the application system after the 15 January. All applications received after this date will be considered and responded to. 

Taking a gap year

UCB welcomes applications from people who are planning to take a gap year before starting their course. We are pleased to consider applications during the 2018-19 admissions cycle for entry in September 2019. If you are accepted, the conditions of your offer must be satisfied by 31 August, 2019.

Admissions policy

The University is committed to ensuring its admissions process is fair and transparent. Please read our undergraduate admissions policy.