Clearing FAQs

Take a look at our frequently asked clearing questions below.

Please note that when you call the UCB clearing hotline, it is important that we speak to you, rather than your parent, guardian or teacher.

When can I use clearing?
Where can I find clearing vacancies?
I have accepted a place at another university, but would like to come to UCB
What is adjustment?
How do I add a clearing choice through UCAS?
How do I reply to a clearing offer on UCAS?
I don't want my firm choice, can I use clearing?
Where can I find my clearing number?
Why hasn't track updated?
Can I swap my firm and insurance choices now I've got my results?
I am holding a place at UCB, but wish to be released into clearing. What do I do?
What happens after I have been given an unconditional offer at UCB?