Apply Direct

UCB Direct allows prospective students who are interested in applying for September 2019 to apply direct (free of charge) without having to complete lengthy and sometimes complex application forms.

Welcome events are held every Wednesday for new applicants. Our Admissions team will discuss with you a date and time to suit you.

To apply direct to UCB, you must satisfy the following criteria before selecting option one or two: 

  • You only wish to apply to UCB (if you would like to apply to more than one institution, you must apply via UCAS)
  • You must be a UK or EU applicant for residency purposes
  • You must not have previously applied via UCAS this year (we will complete this on your behalf) 
Option one - I am waiting for my results and I haven’t applied through UCAS
Option two - I have my results and I haven’t applied through UCAS

What questions will I be asked when I call UCB?

When you call the UCB clearing hotline, it is important that we speak to you, rather than your parent, guardian or teacher.

Questions you are likely to be asked are:

  • Have you applied through UCAS?
  • What is your Personal UCAS ID number?
  • Confirm your contact details? i.e. name, email address and phone number
  • What course are you interested in at UCB?
  • What qualifications and grades do you have?
  • Do you have any work experience?
  • Are you looking for accommodation at UCB?
  • Have you applied for your student finance yet?