PGCE applications

How to apply

Applications for Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) course at UCB need to be submitted through UCAS Teacher Training (UTT). Applications to all UK teaching providers are made using this service.

To start your application, visit UTT as the site contains lots of information about universities and the courses each provider has to offer. Useful advice and guidance is provided in short “how-to” videos, showing students how to complete applications successfully.

When to apply

Apply 1: opens on 9 October 2018 and closes on 6 September 2019

Apply 2: opens on 16 November 2018 and closes on 20 September 2019

Choosing your course

UTT Course Search is a great way to look for courses. Applicants have a maximum of three choices and we recommend you construct a list of all the courses that interest you and then evaluate each option. You can then draw up a shortlist of your preferred three.

UCB UTT codes

UCB’s institution name is BUCB

UCB’s institution code is B35

PGCE Primary 3-7 Pathway is X121

PGCE Primary 5-11 Pathway is 25KR

Application fees

The application fee is £1 and covers both Apply 1 and Apply 2. Payment can be made online using a debit or credit card.

Admissions policy

The University is committed to ensuring its admissions process is fair and transparent. Please read our admissions policy.

What happens next?

Upon receipt of an application, the admissions team has 40 working days to provide applicants with a decision. During this period, your application will progress through three stages:

  • Stage 1: Initial assessment
  • Stage 2: Applicants who are deemed suitable are invited to attend an interview with our academic team
  • Stage 3: Interviewees receive our final decision on UTT track 

Each application is considered individually and careful consideration is given to all information on your UTT form, particularly your personal statement, reference and the qualifications you have taken or are taking. In most cases, a decision to make an offer can be based on this information alone.

Receiving offers

UCAS will email or send official offer letters to you. If your application is successful, there are two types of offer that applicants can receive from University College Birmingham.

  • Conditional - this means we have offered you a place but with conditions attached. These offers are usually made to applicants who are still in education or have yet to pass the numeracy and literacy skills tests. Once you have met these conditions and provided evidence, your offer will become Unconditional
  • Unconditional - this means we have offered you a definite place, all academic requirements have been met and we are happy to accept you.

When we contact UCAS with your offer, we will also email you further information about University College Birmingham and invite you to come and visit us.

Important documents

UTT Skills Tests

Since 2013, a numeracy and literacy skills test must be passed before studying a PGCE course. This is a government requirement. The tests are taken in addition to the requirement for Grade C GCSEs in English language and maths.

Students are unable to book a test until an application has been submitted using UTT.


The first test for both subjects is free of charge and resits cost £19.25 per assessment. Applicants have a maximum of three attempts. If applicants fail all three attempts they must wait 24 months until they are permitted to take the test again.

Literacy Test Content

Numeracy Test Content

Replying to offers

Once you have received all offers from the choices you have made in Apply 1, the next step is to consider each offer and respond to them. Please be aware you are not eligible to respond until you have received all offers.

Students can only accept one offer and have a maximum of 10 working days in which to respond.

There are two responses available to you:

  • Firm Choice (1st)

If you hold an unconditional offer, the place is yours.

If you hold a conditional offer, the place is yours if you meet all the conditions

  • Decline

You have indicated you do not wish to take up this choice.

To make your replies, please log on to UTT Track.

If you do not receive any offers from your choices, or you decide you no longer wish to accept any of them, then you can use Apply 2 to make another choice.

Receiving results

In order to secure an unconditional offer on a PGCE programme you will need to provide the admissions team with the following:

  • GCSE certificates in English, maths and science or those equivalencies outlined by Dfe, we also accept qualifications from the These documents are usually presented at the interview stage. 
  • Degree Classification Certificate. If an applicant has achieved their degree prior to attending interview then this should be submitted at this stage of the process. For applicants who are studying towards their degree, an official certificate will need to be sent to admissions as soon as one is provided. 
  • Literacy and Numeracy Skills Test Achievements. This information will be retrieved by the admissions team from learndirect. However, applicants are eligible to provide the information also.

Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) Admissions:

For more details on PGCE admissions, please contact Leon Smith:

By telephone: 0121 232 4065

By email: