Student Attendance and Monitoring

Under the Tier 4 Sponsor scheme, University College Birmingham is required by the Home Office to maintain an attendance monitoring system that runs over the course of the year. This ensures Tier 4 students are compliant with the regular attendance requirement of their student visa. 

Attendance Monitoring

1.1 Attendance monitoring is classed as part of Tier 4 compliance and falls in the remit of the International Student Centre and its Monitoring and Tier 4 Compliance Policy. 

1.2 Attendance monitoring requirements, placed on the student and UCB by the Home Office, is to be explained thoroughly to students in pre-enrolment and international orientation.

1.3 A “sweep” of attendance will be conducted every two weeks, drawing on registers assigned to every regular and timetabled module and updated by the registry department until the end of term in June. 

1.4 Individual students who appear to have low levels of attendance will be contacted and asked to come into the International Student Centre and speak to the Deputy Director.

1.5 If these students fail to respond to summons, this will be noted at the time of the census points discussions with the Year Manager/Assistant Deans – and possibly contribute to the students being withdrawn from their course of study.

1.6 Students that show an attendance rate that is consistently low (i.e. for two consecutive sweeps) and have missed 10 consecutive contact points in that period will be withdrawn by the International Student Centre after the student’s Year Manager is spoken to.

1.7 A contact point is defined as any timetabled session, or scheduled hand-in and collection date for students on full-time undergraduate or taught postgraduate timetables. 

1.8 If, upon discussion with the student’s Year Manager/Assistant Dean, it is deemed that despite either having a low overall attendance rate or missing 10 consecutive sessions, there are acceptable mitigating circumstances, a student can be asked to sign an attendance agreement. This is at the discretion of the International Student Centre and any signed agreements will be reviewed weekly. Defaulting on an attendance agreement will lead to immediate withdrawal and a subsequent report to the Home Office.

1.9 There will be three census points (one of which is enrolment) held throughout each academic year, arranged by the International Student Centre. At these census points, students who have missed in excess of 10 consecutive sessions throughout the year will be identified. The Deputy Director will then liaise with the Year Managers/Assistant Deans of those students who have a low overall attendance record (as well as missing 10 consecutive sessions) and these students will be contacted and withdrawn if the Year Manager/Assistant Dean deems it academically appropriate, with appropriate reports going to the Home Office.


Students who are currently on work placement periods will be monitored by hired@UCB. Before students are permitted to undertake their placement, they will be required to report in regularly to hired@UCB, who will also carry out compliance visits while they are placed. Employers will also be made aware of the students’ attendance obligations and are required to enter into an agreement to inform hired@UCB unit if the student takes unauthorised leave. If the student misses eight consecutive days during their placement without permission, they will be withdrawn and reported to the Home Office.  

Postgraduate Research Students

Postgraduate students who are enrolled on the dissertation-only element of their course will be monitored by the Research Department. All dissertation-only students are required to attend monthly meetings with their supervisors, which are recorded and will form the basis of the contact points for the dissertation-only period of their study. Dissertation supervisors will be asked to report, on a monthly basis, on meetings and communication with their students. Should students fail to meet or contact their supervisors for two consecutive months, the International Student Centre will be informed by the Research Department and warning emails will be sent out. In the event that no contact is then established between supervisor and student, the student will be withdrawn and reported to the Home Office. 

Monitoring of Dissertation-only students continues irrespective of re-enrolment, given the nature of their studies, so sponsorship will continue throughout the dissertation period.

Any changes to students’ circumstances, i.e. to a different length of course, deferral of entry or withdrawal from the programme will be reported by the Deputy Director and printed records will be maintained.

All withdrawal decisions will be ratified by either the Director of the International Student Centre or the Authorising Officer/Key Contact. Reports will be sent to the Home Office once the Finance and Information Services Unit confirm the withdrawal. Copies of all reports to the Home Office and withdrawal details are to be maintained.