Visas: Key Information

Tier 4 student visa

As your approved education provider for the duration of your study in the UK, UCB has a number of duties that we must comply with by law. There are some important points relating to these duties we need to remind you of as you prepare for your arrival in the UK.

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

When you attend registration and enrolment, it is essential that you bring to UCB a copy of your passport with your temporary one-month visa. We will provide escorts to your nominated post office in Birmingham so you can collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). The BRP will confirm your immigration status and any conditions of your stay. Once you have your BRP, you can enrol at UCB.

Verifying your address

We will also need to verify your new address in the UK, so it is essential that we receive up-to-date contact details for you as soon as they are available. It would speed up the process a great deal if you could forward us a copy of your passport photo page and visa details as illustrated on your BRP page as soon as you receive your BRP. You need to keep your CAS statement safe for the duration of your stay in the UK as you may be asked to produce it in the future.

Further details can be found here Visa information