Studying at UCB

Centre for Academic Skills and English (CASE)

The Centre for Academic Skills and English (CASE) offers a range of study-based help delivered by a team of specialist lecturers. If you are struggling with an assignment, need guidance with structuring an essay or are unfamiliar with the art of referencing, there is always someone you can turn to – and the advice is free. All students can make 30-minute appointments for one-to-one help each week in the ASC. If it is more convenient, just turn up at one of the daily drop-in sessions held during term time. These are driven by what you need, which might include help with:

  • Assignments and projects, including how to structure your work
  • Essay writing  
  • Report writing skills
  • Tips on how to get a better grade
  • Getting started with presentations – and how to improve them
  • Building your portfolio of work
  • How to use referencing
  • Understanding lecturers’ feedback

CASE lecturers will suggest strategies to improve your academic performance. You do not have to be struggling with your studies to seek help – staff are also keen to assist students who are achieving good grades, but want to ensure they maintain and improve their performance.

In-class support

You may also see CASE lecturers in your sessions, delivering on various aspects of academic skills. This is usually arranged by your course lecturer.

Access to Grammarly Premium

All students at UCB are provided with free access to Grammarly Premium. This is easy to use, online proofreading software and enables you to improve your assignments in terms of grammar, spelling, use of vocabulary and style. As it is an online resource, it means that you can correct your work whenever, or wherever you want. You can also arrange to attend a Grammarly Workshop at the ASC, where you can sit with a CASE lecturer and discuss your corrections.

CASE Toolkit

You will also be provided with access to this high quality online resource, all designed by CASE lecturers. Here you will be able to watch videos, and access information about different aspects of academic skills.