Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about being an international student at UCB:

  • Working whilst in the UK
  • Visa Advice Service
  • The CAS
  • Visa applications outside the UK
  • Visa applications inside the UK
  • Financial requirements
  • Dependents

Working whilst in the UK 

Am I entitled to work whilst studying?
How many hours a week can I work?
Can I take a gap year and work full-time?
What sort of work can I do?
Do I have to pay tax?
How do I get a National Insurance number?
Can I do a work placement as part of my course?

Visa Advice Service 

The Visa Advice Service is delivered by the University’s International Student Centre.

Advice can be given on the following matters:

  • Tier 4 visa applications
  • Student Visitor visa applications
  • Inviting your family or friends to visit
  • Registering with the police
  • Working during your studies
  • Working after your studies
  • Reporting changes of circumstances to the Home Office

A member of the Visa Advice Team should be available during term-time and vacations on a “drop in” basis. You can contact the team via:

By email:

By telephone: 9am–5pm (Tel: 0121 604 1090)

In person: International Student Centre, 7th Floor, Summer Row Campus, Birmingham, B3 1JB

Code of practice
Tier 4 students


CAS stands for “Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies.” It is a secure electronic record, created by the University and shared with the Home Office. It contains detailed information about you, your course of study and your fees, and has a unique reference number. Once a CAS has been generated, you will ordinarily be emailed a statement of the relevant information (known as a “CAS Statement”), which you will need when completing your on-line visa application form. If a visa application is submitted before a corresponding CAS has been generated, it will be refused by the Home Office.

Am I eligible for a CAS?
How do I apply for a CAS? (Current students)
How do I apply for a CAS? (Applicants)
When should I apply for a CAS?

Visa applications outside the UK

STEP 1: apply for a CAS
STEP 2: familiarise yourself with the application process and guidance.
STEP 3: complete the application form and book an appointment at your nearest Visa Application Centre.
STEP 4: attend your appointment and submit your documents.
STEP 5: receive and check your Tier 4 visa
STEP 6: arrive in the UK and arrange to collect your BRP (Biometric Residence Permit)

Visa applications inside the UK 

STEP 1: submit a CAS request/Attend a Visa workshop.
STEP 2: prepare your online Tier 4 application form and supporting documents
STEP 3: make and attend one-to-one appointment with Visa and Immigration Officer.
STEP 4: receive decision from the Home Office
My Visa will expire before my resit exam period. Will UCB help me to extend my visa?
My visa has expired, but 28 days have not passed. Will UCB help me extend my visa?
I have just completed my BA (Hons) degree and will return home before the summer holidays finish. I have applied to study for a Masters degree but only have one month left on my visa. Can I apply for a visa on my return to the UK?

Financial requirements 

As part of your visa application, you must show that you have enough money to pay for:

  • Any course fees that are outstanding on the date you submit your application; AND
  • Maintenance, i.e. living costs (see below and 'suggested living costs')
Calculating your maintenance
Demonstrating the required money
I don't have the correct level of maintenance funds in my bank account. Can someone show these funds on my behalf?
IHS Surcharge


Can my dependents (spouse and children) stay with me in the UK while I study?
Can my dependents study on a dependent visa?