hired@UCB - International Students

Studying at University College Birmingham – in the heart of England’s biggest city outside London – provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your career prospects.

Once you are here, you can discuss your options with one of our qualified careers advisers and talk about where you would like your course to take you. We can advise you on managing your time effectively and support you if you decide you would like to work alongside your studies. 

If your course does not offer a work placement, we strongly advise you to obtain industry experience. Having an academic background and industry experience will enhance your CV and your personal employability skills. It is also a great opportunity to gain UK references that you can take home with your certificates.

Fantastic ways of gaining industry experience could be: 

  • Getting a part-time casual job alongside your studies.
  • Applying for a summer internship or programme.
  • Exploring volunteering

Can I work whilst studying?

You will need to check your current visa to see whether you have permission to work in the UK. 

If you are from a non-EEA country, your visa will state whether you have permission to work alongside your studies (together with any restrictions you may have during your stay in the UK as a student). 

If you are an EEA National, different regulations apply according to the EEA nationality. Please check this information carefully before you enter any employment.

For updated information on students working rights whilst studying in the UK, please follow the links below: 

How we can help

We offer free, confidential and impartial advice and guidance to UCB students, provided by our team of qualified careers staff. The service is available to you throughout your student journey, from your initial interest in UCB through to the start and ongoing development of your career. We offer:

Pre entry guidance

  • Selecting the right study method for you (full-time or part-time).
  • How to develop your employability skills.
  • Looking at your employment prospects.
  • How you can gain work experience.
  • And where it can lead.

On course support

  • A range of employability skills workshops: social media, CV advice and tips, assessment centres etc.
  • Unitemps Recruitment Agency.
  • Support with job searching and CV writing.
  • Interview preparation with the opportunity to have mock interviews from our careers staff to help build confidence.  
  • Support and information on how to apply for a National Insurance number.
  • Information and support on students’ working rights, employment legislation and working restrictions.
  • Part-time and seasonal opportunities available whilst studying via the UCB Job Shop
  • Information on employment opportunities overseas.
  • Information and preparation on graduate level interviews.
  • Access to online psychometric testing packages and information on assessment centres along with examples of exercises and activities you may encounter. 
  • A guide and support on employment opportunities available once qualified.
  • Information for those wishing to look into becoming self-employed.
  • Employer presentations and recruitment fairs which students can book onto via the Careers Events Calendar. This is accessible from the Careers Portal located on UCB Online.

Post course support

Our services do not end when you complete your studies. At hired@UCB, we provide ongoing advice and guidance for up to five years on successful completion of your course. This can include guidance interviews, attending employer presentations and attending recruitment events.

For full details about the work of hired@UCB and how we can help you, please visit hired@UCB